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Kurtis D. Davies, PhD

Assistant Professor

PhD – University of Colorado Health Sciences Center – Department of Pharmacology

PostDoctoral Education:
Post-Doctoral Fellowship – Array BioPharma
Post-Doctoral Fellowship – University of Colorado AMC – Medical Oncology

Selected Publications:

Davies KD, Ng TL, Estrada-Bernal A, Le AT, Ennever PR, Camidge DR, Doebele RC, Aisner DL. (2017) Dramatic Response to Crizotinib in a Patient With Lung Cancer Positive for an HLA-DRB1-MET Gene Fusion. J Clin Oncol – Precision Oncology. DOI: 10.1200/PO.17.00117

Davies KD, Farooqi MS, Gruidl M, Hill CE, Woolworth-Hirschhorn J, Jones H, Jones KL, Magliocco A, Mitui M, O'Neill PH, O'Rourke R, Patel NM, Qin D, Ramos E, Rossi MR, Schneider TM, Smith GH, Zhang L, Park JY, Aisner DL.  (2016)  Multi-Institutional FASTQ File Exchange as a Means of Proficiency Testing for Next-Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics and Variant Interpretation. J Mol Diagn 18(4):  572-9

Graham DK, DeRyckere D, Davies KD, Earp HS. (2014) The TAM Family:  Phosphatidyl Serine Sensing Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Gone Awry in Cancer.  
Nat Rev Cancer 14(12): 769-785

Davies KD, Mahale S, Astling DP, Aisner DL, Le AT, Hinz TK, Vaishnavi A, Bunn PA Jr, Heasley LE, Tan AC, Camidge DR, Varella-Garcia M, Doebele RC. (2013) Resistance to ROS1 Inhibition Mediated by EGFR Pathway Activation in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. PLoS One 8(12): e82236

Vaishnavi A, Capelletti M, Le AT, Kako S, Butaney M, Ercan D, Mahale S, Davies KD, Aisner DL, Pilling AB, Berge EM, Kim J, Sasaki H, Park SI, Kryukov G, Garraway LA, Hammerman PS, Haas J, Andrews SW, Lipson D, Stephens PJ, Miller VA, Varella-Garcia M, Jänne PA, Doebele RC. (2013)  Oncogenic and drug-sensitive NTRK1 rearrangements in lung cancer.  Nat Med 19(11): 1469-1472

Davies KD, Doebele RC. (2013)  Molecular Pathways – ROS1 Fusion Proteins in Cancer. Clin Cancer Res 19(15): 4040-4050

Davies KD, Le AT, Theodoro MF, Skokan MC, Aisner DL, Berge E, Terracciano LM, Incarbone M, Roncalli M, Cappuzzo F, Camidge DR, Varella-Garcia M, Doebele RC. (2012) Identifying and Targeting ROS1 Gene Fusions in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Clin Cancer Res 18(17): 4570-4579

Davies KD, Cable PL, Garrus JE, Sullivan FX, von Carlowitz I, Le Huerou Y, Wallace E, Woessner RD, Gross S. (2011) Chk1 inhibition and Wee1 inhibition combine synergistically to impede cellular proliferation.  Cancer Biol Ther 12(9):  788-796

Davies KD, Humphries MJ, Sullivan F, Von Carlowitz I, Le Huerou Y, Mohr PJ, Wang B, Blake JF, Lyon MA, Gunawardana  I, Chicarelli M, Wallace E, Gross S.  (2011)  Single-agent inhibition of Chk1 is antiproliferative in human cancer cell lines in vitro and inhibits tumor xenograft growth in vivo. Oncol Res 19(7):  349-363