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Kyle Annen, DO

Assistant Professor

  • 9/2003-5/2007 Doctor of Osteopathy Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Downers Grove, IL
  • 8/2000-6/2002 Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude Elmhurst College. Elmhurst, IL
​Postgraduate Training and Fellowships:
  • 10/2011-9/2012 Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, Blood Center of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, QI
  • 7/2009-9/2011 Clinical Pathology Residency Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • 7/2008-6/2009 Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA
  • 7/2007-6/2008 Osteopathic Internship Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, chicago, IL
​Academic Appointments:
  • 9/1/2017-current Assistant Professor Department of Pathology University of Colorado Denver
  • 3/8/2016-8/18/2017 Assistant Professor Department of Pathology Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • 2/1/2013-8/31/2017 Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Pathology Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
​​​​Selected Publications:​
Peer-Reviewed Original Contributions
  • ​Arinsburg S, Annen K, Lee E, Doble L, Kent T, Jhang J. Hyperlipidemia Interference during Extracorporeal Photopheresis, Transfusion Submitted 8/2/17
  • Samuel J, Aeschlimann J, Lomas-Francis C, Westhoff C, Freidman MT, Annen K.  Novel JK allele background associated with production of anti-JK3 during pregnancy, Transfusion, Submitted 8/14/2017
  • Annen K, Prajapati S, Friedman MT. Successful TPE after IVIG failure in Sydenham's Chorea: A Case Report. Journal of Clinical Apheresis. Submitted 7/24/2017
  • Madrigal E, Prajapati S, Avadhani V, Annen K, Friedman MT. Adequacy of physician documentation and correlation with assessment of transfusion appropriateness: a follow-up study in the setting of prospective audits and patient blood management. Transfusion 2016. doi: 10.1111/trf.13917. PMID: 27873340 
  • Yassai MB, Annen K, Bensing KM, Denomme GA.  RHCE*cE94G encodes variable expression of c (RH4). Transfusion. 2015 Oct;55(10):2519-20/ PMID: 26286238
  • Lapadat R, Annen K,  Bensing KM,  Yassai MB,  Gottschall JL, Fadey EA, Denomme GA. A pair of cis linked single nucleotide polymorphisms of GYPB leading to S-allele silencing. Submitted 2/2015
  • Annen K, Delaney M, Leitch D, Mast AE. The Health Implications of Low Hemoglobin Deferral in Infrequent Blood Donors. Transfusion 2015;55:86-90. PMC 4293201
  • Annen K, Peterson LC, Reed K. Reducing Laboratory Costs Through Education-Based Gatekeeping. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 2014;138 (3):301-301. PMID 24576022
  • Annen K, Friedman K, Horowitz M, Kroft S, Eshoa C, Straus T. Two Cases of Transfusion-Transmitted Anaplasma phagocytophilum. AJCP 2012;137:562-565. PMID 22431531
Other Publications:
  • Annen K, Red Blood Cell Transfusions: Does Storage Age Matter? Blood Bulletin, America’s Blood Centers Publications, December 28, 2015.
  • Annen K, Delaney M, Mast AE.  Letter to the Editor—Anemia in Infrequent Donors. ABC Newsletter: July 25, 2014 (#28)
  • Annen, K. Overview of Factor Xa Inhibitors: Evaluation, Bleeding Management, and What’s Coming Next. Blood Bulletin, America’s Blood Centers Publications, June 17, 2014.
  • Annen, K. Q&A: Iron Deficiency. AABB News, AABB Press. January 2013, Pages 6-7
  • Annen K. Platelet Refractoriness. NewsPath, College of American Pathologists. May 2011
Presented Abstracts:
  • ​Annen K, Hartman SK, Denomme GA, Gottschall J, Hui SR. Molecular Genotyping Provides Guidance in a Case of Maternal Anti-hrs. Transfusion 2013-Vol. 53 Suppl. #SP296 Poster, AABB Annual Meeting, Denver CO, 10/2013
  • Denomme GA, Annen K, Schanen M, Berchanskiy D,  Kalvelage M,  Pugh T,  Pasyak N, 1 Yazer MH. A Novel B Allele causes a Weak B Phenotype Identified with a Single Source of Anti-B Monoclonal Reagent. Transfusion 2013-Vol. 53 Suppl. #SP225 Poster, AABB Annual Meeting, Denver CO, 10/2013
  • Annen K, Delaney M, Mast AE. The Health Implications of Blood Donor Low Hemoglobin Deferrals. Transfusion 2012 Vol. 52-Suppl, #S44-03G. Oral Abstract, AABB Annual Meeting, Boston MA, 10/2012. 
  • Annen K, Peterson LC, Reed K. Reducing Laboratory Costs with Education-Based Gate-Keeping. Am J Clin Pathol  2012;138:462-463 Abstract #28. Oral Abstract, Academy of Clinical Physicians and Scientists Annual Meeting, Milwaukee WI, 3/2012
  • Annen K, Straus T, Friedman K, Kroft S, Horowitz M, Altmann C , Gottschall J, Eshoa C. Two Cases of Transfusion-Transmitted Anaplasma phagocytophilum. Transfusion 2010-Vol. 50 Suppl, #SP385. Poster, AABB 2010 Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD
  • Annen K, Timek DT, Helm KF, Clarke LE. Intradermal Spindle Cell Lipoma: Two Cases Illustrating a Histopathologic Spectrum. J Cutan Pathology 2010: 37: 148.
  • Annen K, Earles L, Braniecki M. Erythema Ab Igne: Histology Leads to History in an Elderly Nursing Home Patient. J Cutan Pathology 2010: 37: 125.
  • Annen KS, Murphy RJ, Nesbitt AE, O’Hagan KP. Effect of alpha-adrenergic receptor block on the uterine artery vasoconstrictor response to exercise throughout rabbit pregnancy. JAOA 105(7): 337.