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Organoid Screening Composit Organoid Screening Technologies

Ocular Development and Translational Technologies Laboratory

Director: M. Natalia Vergara, Ph.D. 

The Ocular Development and Translational Technologies Laboratory uses a combination of traditional developmental animal models and state-of-the-art 3-D retinal organoids derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells, to investigate the mechanisms that drive vertebrate eye development and regeneration, as well as the pathological changes that alter this equilibrium in inherited retinal diseases leading to vision loss.  

We are also interested in developing technologies that facilitate the application of human retinal organoid systems to improving our understanding of relevant physiological and developmental processes, as well as to the development of therapeutic strategies for retinal diseases. These technologies are an integral component of the vision of CellSight, as they will enable the possibility to perform drug screening using novel 3D models of retinal degenerative disease and genetically engineered prototypes, which in combination with innovative imaging technologies​ have the potential to contribute to the next generation of treatments for retinal degenerative conditions.