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PR RPE Blood in Cord Scelera Single Cell inconjuctiva

Laboratory of Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging

Director: Omid Masihzadeh, Ph.D.

At CellSight, our goal is to develop innovative stem cell-based technologies to study disease mechanisms and identify potential therapeutic agents for blindness. Essential to this endeavor is a new paradigm for retinal imaging that would permit real-time and dynamic monitoring of living cellular processes and precise assessment of disease specific events such as alteration in metabolic activities, retinal circuit remodeling, etc. The objective of the Laboratory of Advanced Ophthalmic Imaging is to develop new technologies for functional imaging and visualization of dynamic cellular events associated with disease. 

Our lab has advanced the use of minimally invasive, subcellular resolution, and molecular specific microscopic techniques that allow for cellular functional imaging. At CellSight, we are combining these technologies with that of the human 3D retinal organoids for developing much-needed real-time imaging platforms for uncovering relevant physiological mechanisms affecting the diseased retina. Furthermore, through a multidisciplinary approach between CellSight investigators and clinicians at Lions Eye Institute, we aim at translating these techniques to evaluate progression of disease as well as efficiency of treatment in patients. ​

​​3D rendering of live whole mouse eye using functional imaging