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The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Colorado, continues the tradition of excellence outlined in our Mission Statement.

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CU Neurosurgery Adult Brain Tumor Program

Being diagnosed with a brain tumor can be a life-changing experience. Important decisions requiring expert guidance must be made, often quickly. We are here to help you.

The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Colorado is unique in that it is the only center in the region with neurosurgeons who dedicate their practices specifically to the surgical treatment of brain tumors. We have trained many of the neurosurgeons in practice in the surrounding area in our techniques, and we have devoted our careers to providing the highest quality of care for patients with brain tumors. Our neurosurgeons have had regionally unmatched experience with a large number and variety of brain tumors requiring procedures of multiple levels of complexity. Thousands of patients with brain tumors have come to the University of Colorado to receive the most cutting-edge treatment available in the Rocky Mountain region. We are also the only brain tumor center in the Rocky Mountain area actively involved with the study and development of new therapies for patients with brain tumors.

Our surgeons regularly utilize a combination of functional imaging, intraoperative image guidance, and “awake” surgery with intraoperative mapping. These techniques, which are not performed by most community neurosurgeons, significantly increase our ability to achieve aggressive tumor removal in the safest possible manner. Recent data has demonstrated that increased tumor removal can be critical for improving response to treatment and overall survival for patients with brain tumors.  Therefore, our specific expertise and experience provide the best initial surgical option for patients with brain tumors in Colorado and the surrounding states.

We work in conjunction with a renowned brain tumor team that includes experts in the fields of neuro-oncology, neuro-radiology, neuro-pathology, neuro-intensive care, neurology and rehabilitation here at the University of Colorado.  In addition, we interact with a network of expert colleagues throughout the nation who are involved in progressive brain tumor treatment, providing us with constant updates on cutting-edge developments for patients with brain tumors.