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Benjamin Honigman, MD

​University of Colorado School of Medicine

Professor of Emergency Medicine

Associate Dean, Clinical Outreach, University of Colorado School of Medicine


Contact information

Anschutz Medical Campus
Leprino Building, Campus Box B215
12401 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045

Dr. Honigman's main research area is to identify the impact of living at altitude on co-morbid conditions. This stems from earlier work that described the impact of altitude and hypoxia on tourists to Colorado. Previous studies in adults and children identified altitude illness in 25% of tourists to Colorado’s Mountains. This evolved to trying to understand the impact of living at altitudes above 8000 feet. Earlier studies demonstrated that living at altitude was associated with longer longevity principally due to a lower incidence of death due to cardiovascular diseases. His current project involves combining the length of time an individual lives at altitude ( measuring dose of hypoxia) as determined by driver’s license records with the onset of co morbid conditions such as cardiovascular illness, COPD etc based on Medicare data. He and his team are working with the VA system and Colorado DMV to investigate this issue.
Dr. Honigman's research also involves the understanding of why older residents who live at moderate elevations develop pulmonary hypertension. This investigation is in collaboration with researchers from the School of Medicine and clinicians in Summit County.
His third area of research involves the ability to determine if access to hospital electronic health records provides better linkages and outcomes for patients sent to nursing homes and long term health facilities.
A continued are of interest is in how best to educate medical students and residents in emergency medicine. Professor Honigman has developed several educational simulations and abbreviated approaches to bedside clinical presentations that help the learner better understand clinical diseases.
Degree Year ​Focus
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH B.S 1970
Tufts Medical School, Boston, MA M.D. 1974 Doctor of Medicine
Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME
Denver General Hospital, Denver, CO Emergency Medicine Residency
Funded Projects
Other Projects
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Selected Publications (10 out of 51)

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