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Dental School Curriculum

Department faculty members participate in instruction of two Dental School courses listed below.

DSBS 5504 Human Anatomy

The emphasis of the Human Anatomy course is the structure and function of the head and neck. The course covers topics in the anatomical sciences including: gross anatomy of the upper extremity, thorax, abdomen and head and neck, embryology of the head and neck, and neuroanatomy. The first half of the course focuses on the organ systems of the trunk, neuroanatomy of the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, and an overview of the anatomy of the back and upper extremity. The second half of the course includes a detailed study of head and neck anatomy, embryology of the head and neck, and structure and function of the brain. In the dissection lab students use the computer-based VH Dissector and Cadaver Dissection Guide, a comprehensive, interactive, learner-centric laboratory manual for gross anatomy. Faculty of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology staff the basic science sessions including 50 lecture hours and 86 total lab (faculty) contact hours.

  • Michael Carry, PhD (Course Director, Lecturer, Lab Instructor)
  • John Caldwell, PhD (Lecturer)
  • Joan Hooper, PhD (Lecturer)
  • Ernesto Salcedo, MD (Lecturer)
  • Claude Selitrennikoff, PhD (Lecturer)
  • Norma Wagoner, PhD (Lab Instructor)
  • DSBS 5202 MicroAnatomy

    The MicroAnatomy course covers topics in Cell Biology and Histology including: microscopy; cell structure; cell cycle; cells of the nervous system; epithelia and glands; integument; blood; connective tissue; muscle; endocrine and immune organs; visual system; respiratory, digestive and urinary systems; liver and pancreas; auditory and vestibular systems; urinary and oral histology.  Faculty of the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology and guest lecturers staff the sessions including 38 lecture hours. 

  • Claude Selitrennikoff, PhD (Course Director, Lecturer)
  • Brad Bendiak, PhD (Lecturer)
  • Tom Finger, PhD (Lecturer)
  • Ernesto Salcedo, PhD  (Lecturer)
  • Karen Stevens, PhD (Lecturer)