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Danielle F. Royer

Associate Professor​

Danielle F. Royer, Ph.D.

Cell and Developmental Biology
Ph.D., Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences, Stony Brook University, 2009

Research Interests​

Medical and anatomy education; Ultrasound; Clinical anatomy; Pedagogy; Biological anthropology & paleoanthropology.


Follow me on Twitter: @AnatomyRoyer


Office Location: Building 500, Room N5209C

Mailing Address:

Mail Stop F435
13001 17th Place
Aurora, CO 80045

Phone: 303-724-0515

Departmental Affiliations

Cell and Developmental Biology

Graduate Program Affiliations

Modern Human Anatomy Program


I am passionate about dissecting the theory and practice of teaching anatomy.

My doctoral training is in Biological Anthropology (paleoanthropology specifically, the study of human evolution), and I've been involved in teaching human gross anatomy since 2004. While I continue to do some research in paleoanthropology, anatomy and medical education are now the main focus of my scholarship.

I develop and evaluate new curricula and teaching strategies for anatomy and medical education, including how ultrasound can be used to reinforce and apply anatomical knowledge, how using a flipped classroom/active learning model can improve understanding and retention, and how anatomy can be more effectively integrated into clinical education.

I work with graduate students in the Modern Human Anatomy master’s of science program and supervise MSA projects in the School of Medicine.

Recent Grants

​​​​2016     Co-PI, (with J. Corral, M. Stabio), Rymer Small Grants, University of Colorado, Academy of Medical Educators

A Framework for Mobile App Appraisal for Use in Health Professions Learning

2015     PI, Rymer Small Grants, University of Colorado, Academy of Medical Educators

Development of Plastinated Cadaveric Human Heart Models to Supplement Cardiac Ultrasound and Anatomy Training in Undergraduate Medical Education

I teach gross anatomy lecture and cadaver-based dissection labs:

  • Human Body Block (Assistant Director), School of Medicine Essentials Core Curriculum
  • M.S. Modern Human Anatomy program (course director)
  • Anesthesiologist Assistant program (course director)
  • I am the Executive Vice Director of the Modern Human Anatomy program. In the MHA program, I also teach Advanced Teaching in Anatomical Sciences, a hands-on elective that I developed to train future anatomy educators, and supervise Independent Study and Capstone projects annually.

    I was awarded the 2017 Chancellor’s Teaching Recognition Award and the 2017 Dean’s Master’s Mentoring Award (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus).

    In 2016, I was inducted as a member of the Academy of Medical Educators, University of Colorado School of Medicine, in recognition of my contributions to medical education.


    For an up-to-date publication list along with links to my articles on PubMed, please visit my Colorado Profiles page here.