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CDB News

  • Professor and CDB Chair, Wendy Macklin, receives NIH grant
  • NIH grant awarded to CDB Instructor, Wallace Chick
  • Congratulations to Jared Ahrendsen, member of​ the Macklin Lab, for his Research Fellowship
  • The Department is proud to welcome Assistant Professor Lisa Lee to the CDB faculty
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The Electron Microscopy Center in the University of Colorado School of Medicine is a multi-user/service facility, administered by the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. The mission of the EM Center is to provide biological-biomedical researchers with state-of-the-art instrumentation; conventional and energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy; and image analysis on a recharge basis.

User Fees

The Electron Microscopy Center is a research instrumentation and service facility, open to state, university, and outside users. Instrument use and technician services are available on a recharge fee basis. Charges help defray costs of the service contract, maintenance, and supplies.

Clients can be trained in specimen preparation and to use the instruments themselves, or can request assistance from the EM staff.

EM Center Client Technician Time (Hourly Rate) Beam Time (Hourly Rate) Ultra Microtome (Hourly Rate)
UCD Users (non-CDB) $60 $50 $25
Non-UCD Users $85 $85 $40
CDB Users $50 $40 $20