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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure at the time of death?
How can I enroll?
Who can be a body donor?
Can a person be too old to donate his or her body?

Will the Board accept my body if I die out-of-state?
Can there be a funeral service?
Is it possible for an ambulance service or even my family to deliver my body to the Medical School?
How can my family obtain a death certificate?
Can I donate organs for transplant?
May I revoke my donation?
How will my body be used?
Does the Anatomical Board pay anything to me or my family for my body?
What does the Board do to acknowledge my gift?
What expenses are involved upon the death of the donor?
May I donate someone else's body such as my wife's or my husband's?
Should the donor inform someone of the bequest? Is it necessary to include my body donation in my will?
What arrangement should I make if I am admitted into a hospital, move to a retirement community, a nursing home or any type of care facility prior to my death?

What will happen to my body upon completion of a course?
Will my family receive a report of your findings?