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MSMHA Seminars

Dr. Glenn Merritt with students following seminar

All seminars are held on Thursdays at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted.  Please contact Jennifer Thurston for questions regarding the MSMHA seminar series.

Seminar attendance is mandatory for 1st year MSMHA students. Second year students are strongly encouraged to attend.

We encourage students to attend various seminars on campus, and have listed several recommended seminars/Grand Rounds on the left side-bar of this page.  

These events are open to all students and faculty - take advantage of the amazing opportunities on campus!

Date​​ Speaker​ Title/Topic​
​9/0​4/14 Mike Pascoe, PhD
Chair, MSMHA Mentoring Committee​
MSMHA Capstone Overview​
​9/1​1/14 John A. Thompson, PhD
Department of Neursurgery​
Exploring neuro-cognitive questions in the operating room: Correlating behavior with basal ganglia function​​
Tom Finger, PhD
Dept of Cell & Developmental Biology​
​3-D Reconstructions of Taste Buds using Scanning Blockface EM
​​​9/25/14 Paul Rochon, MD
Assistant Professor
​Vascular Malformations
​10/02/14 Vic Spitzer, PhD
Dept of Cell & Developmental Biology​​
​From Visible (Human) to Virtual (Human): Data to Knowledge
​10/09/14 ​*** POSTPONED ***
Elizabeth Ortiz, D-ABMDI
Medical Investigator
Arapahoe County Coroner's Office
​10/23/14 ​​​
​10/30/14 Maureen Stabio, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology​
3D Modeling of Subcortical Brain Structures for MRI Training​
​11/06/14 Colin Monks, PhD
Intelligent Imaging Innovations (3i)​
​350 years of Light Microscopy in 50 minutes
​11/13/14   Jeffrey Moore, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept of Cell & Developmental Biology​
Organizing the cell: How dynamic microtubule networks guide form and function​
​11/20/14 Richard Weir, PhD
Research Associate Professor
​Anatomical issues related to the development of advanced Prosthetic Arms and Hands
​Todd Yokley, PhD
Dept of Anthropology
Metro State Univ
​The Human Nose: Functions, Variation, and Climatic Adaptation
12/04/14 ​No Seminar due to Embryology Final Exam
12/11/14 Sean Blair
MSMHA Student​
Capstone Presentation ​
Dec. 18 - Jan. 15 ​Holiday Break - No Seminars
Ed 2 South
Room 2306
​Emily DeBoer, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Breathing Institute
​Quantitative Imaging and Technology in Pediatric Pulmonology
Ed 2 North
Room 2307
Ernesto Salcedo, PhD
Senior Instructor
Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology​
The anatomy of smell: Modeling the main olfactory system to investigate how we detect and identify odors ​
Ed 2 South
Room 2306
Steve Nash, PhD
Chair and Curator of Archaeology
​Human Remains, Ethics, Law, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
​2/12/15 ​Human Anatomy Exam 2/13 - No Seminar
Ed 2 South
Room 2306
Glenn Merritt, MD
​​Associate Professor
Department of Anesthesiology​
Translational Anatomy: Regional anesthesia of the Thorax and Abdominal Trunk ​
Ed 2 South
Room 2206
Caley Orr, PhD
Assistant Professor
Cell & Developmental Biology​
​Not-So-Modern Human Anatomy: imaging approaches to the comparative and evolutionary morphology of the hand
Ed 2 South
Room 2306
Miriam Post, PhD​
Associate Professor
Director of Gynecologic and Obsteric Pathology
Dept of Pathology
​Survey Overview of Pathology: What, Why and How?
Ed 2 South
Room 2306
Thomas Gre