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Anatomical Sciences Education

Pictured above, MSMHA student presenters at CU's 2017 Education Scholarship and Innovation Symposium.

​​The goal of this certificate is to provide graduate students with coursework, mentorship, and practice to become effective teachers in the anatomical sciences. The certificate provides an optional, additional university credential to better prepare graduates for careers as educators and to aid in job placement.

Because training in teaching and effective communication are integral to professional development for any career, all master’s students in the Modern Human Anatomy Program will receive substantial exposure and practice in teaching through the MSMHA core courses, ANAT 6411, Foundations of Teaching, and ANAT 6910, Teaching Practicum. Students who would like to complete the Teaching Certificate will complete additional training as described below.

In addition to the 1st-year MSMHA core course requirements, students in the Teaching Certificate program will take:

  • ANAT 6490 (3 credits) Advanced Teaching in the Anatomi​cal Sciences
  • ANAT 6911 (3 credits) Advanced Teaching Practicum. This will provide intense teaching immersion in a single course, as all 3 credits must be taken in an MSMHA-faculty mentored course.
  • ANAT 6950, MSMHA Capstone Project (8 credits) with an educational scholarship project requirement
  • 4 credits of electives (approved by the Certificate Director) with any combination of options below:

          - 3 or 4 credit course from list of approved electives, such as Human Physiology,
          - 1 additional ANAT 6911 credit in a different course
          - 1-4 credits of independent study

  • No additional coursework is required to complete the Certificate, as the certificate-specific coursework can be accomplished within the requirements of the MS degree program.

    Must be a degree-seeking MSMHA student to be eligible to participate in the Certificate in Anatomical Sciences Education.

    WeLL-COMe Program


    Certificate Application for Modern Human Anatomy degree-seeking students

    Certificate requirements checklist

    ANAT 6911 Request Form, required for enrollment permission for each advanced teaching practicum.