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Course Description

The course is a full day of immersive simulation education. It has been designed to cater between 4 and 6 participants who will be facilitated by a minimum of 2 faculty members.

Participants will spend time being familiarized with the high-fidelity mannequin in the simulated environment before taking turns to manage realistic anesthesia-inspired critical events.

The simulated scenarios will focus on decision-making in the immediate management of hypoxemia and hypotension in the extended anesthesia workplace. In addition, it will also cover aspects of crisis and resource management including: communication  and teamwork skills.

Participants may also be asked to participate in the scenarios as co-workers or other OR staff.

‘State-of-the-art’ audiovisual equipment is used to enhance the event debriefing which takes place after every simulated event.

This course is NOT an assessment where candidates may pass or fail.

However it has been designed to help fulfill one aspect of the ABA’s Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology. Attendance, along with completion of the ASA online evaluation and follow-up survey, will satisfy the Part IV-Practice Performance Assessment and Improvement requirement.

To learn more about the changes regarding the Part 4 Simulation Activity under MOCA 2.0, please take a moment to read this letter approved by the ASA and ABA.

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