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CRASH skiier

CRASH 2013 Syllabus and Handouts

We are updating this page as handouts become available. Please check back after CRASH 2013 for more updates.
Entire Syllabus
Crash 2013 Syllabus
Handouts (in order of Program)
Greg Myers, MD
Frances Chung, MBBS FRCPC
Acute Pain Management Update
Matthew Fiegel, MD
Joy Hawkins, MD
Rita Agarwal

Current Health Care Policy and Anesthesia​
Randall Clark, MD
For the hand-out, please email:
Daniel Janik, MD
Frances Chung, MBBS, FRCPC
Scott Markowitz, MD
Patrick O'Rourke, JD & Julie Altmix, RN, BSN
Rita Agarwal, MD
Joy Hawkins, MD
Where did all Our Drugs go?
Drug Shortages:  What is the Current Situation
Clark Lyda, PhamD
Tod Sloan, MD, PhD, MBA
Drug Shortages, Practical Considerations
Tom Majcher, DO
Glenn Gravlee, MD
Donald Penning, MD
ASA 4 and Beyond:  From the ICU to the OR and Back Again
Bryan Ahlgren, MD; Christopher Lace, MD; Breandan Sullivan, MD; and Nathaen Weitzel, MD
Paul Mongan, MD
Glenn Gravlee, MD