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Application Process

When downloading the forms, it may ask you to log in. Simply click "Cancel", then save or open the form. This is a known glitch.
  1. Print out the reference forms and complete your section of each of the three reference forms. Provide one form and a return envelope to each of your three references. The online application will also send forms to the references you input, so if they have already turned in the original forms tell them they can disregard the forms sent by the online system. Your application will not be complete until all three references have been received.
  2. Complete the application. You will need to have copies of your transcripts in front of you to complete some fields in the application. The online application will become active on July 1, 2014. Do not submit the paper application from the last application cycle.
  3. In order to complete the online application, you will be asked to submit a $50.00 application fee by e-check or credit card payment. We will not accept paper checks mailed in.
  4. Print out, complete, date, and sign all six supporting documents:
  5. Obtain a current, full color, passport-sized photograph. Do not copy your passport – upload an original color photograph, which is readily available from Kinko’s or a similar business.
  6. Upload all six supporting documents, a personal statement and a photograph to the online application.
  7. Send MCAT scores and/or GRE to include your verification number. ​Interviews will not be granted until scores have been received.
  8. Have transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions in which you have been enrolled mailed directly to the Program Office from the institution. Request transcripts as soon as possible because delay in receipt of transcripts is one of the most common reasons that applications remain incomplete. 
  9. If you have any prerequisite courses in progress, include proof of enrollment in the courses when information becomes available (e.g., unofficial transcript, letter from the registrar's office). 
  10. Remember, all of the above supporting documents, personal statement, and passport-sized photograph should be uploaded to the online application.