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Biplane spraying for Malaria in the 1920s in Georgia

CU Mini Medical School Online

Early 2017

The original Mini Medical School is online as a free massive open online course (MOOC). The forth offering of this course, hosted on Canvas Network, runs about 7 weeks and begins in January 2017.

There are no prerequisites. Mini Medical School has been valuable for people considering a career in the healthcare field (we had many pre-health students in the first two offerings), for people with concerns about their own health or healthcare, for those who are curious about modern medical science, and for those who wish to know more about their body and how to best keep it running well.

There are no exams and no course credit, but the student will get a broad overview of the basic science underpinnings of modern medicine in a lively, engaging video format. There are seven weekly Modules, each consisting of about eight units which range from 4 to 7 minutes long, allowing students to cover all the material in a couple of hours a week, at their own pace, watching a unit whenever they have a few minutes to relax and learn.

In 2017 the entire course will be available from the day of opening. Most people will choose to go through it at the rate of one Module a week. Some will need more time (we know you’re busy!) and some, perhaps with more background, will wish to sprint ahead. All the discussion forums will be open so you can talk about a subject with others who are on the same page with you. And the teachers and CU medical students will be watching and joining in, too!


Additional resources:

Learn more! links for more depth or interest.

You can download illustrated printable transcripts of all units.

Make friends with other students and faculty in lively interactive discussion forums.

Check your own progress with optional self-evaluation quizzes.

Visit all units and get a Certificate of Completion.