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Lung Cancer Ponatinib Trial

Molecular Testing Phase

A phase II study of ponatinib in cohorts of patients with lung cancer preselected using different candidate predictive biomarkers (Principal Investigator: D. Ross Camidge, MD PhD)

A. Seeking patients with advanced stage lung cancer (both small cell and non‐small cell lung cancer) – molecular testing phase

  • We have developed markers for several new molecular subtypes of lung cancer that may predict for response to ponatinib – a pill recently licensed for treating leukemia that may also have activity in some subgroups of lung cancer.
  • We wish to test people’s lung cancer tu​​mor samples to identify those who are positive for markers related to Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 (FGFR1)
  • If there is sufficient material remaining, we can do the test on a pre‐existing biopsy specimen. If there is insufficient material we will ask you and your doctor to consider a repeat biopsy.
  • The testing for the FGFR1‐related biomarkers is free and we can consent you for the testing without you having to travel (remote consenting).