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Genomic and Microarray Core Data Analysis

The core offers a new fixed-price service for gene level Differential Expression (DE) analysis. The package includes sample quality assessment (QA), align sequencing reads to a target transcriptome and /or genome, and perform a detailed DE analysis. Customer will receive the following at the end of the analysis cycle:
  1. A QA report for the sample quality, mapping statistics and the vigor of the experiment in general; including the description of the method section for publication purposes (link to see sample QA report)
  2. Analysis Result Table of statistically significant up- and down-regulated genes; including all the raw count values, fold-change, p-value, FDR and fully annotated document in Excel format (link to download a sample analysis result table)
  3. Instruction to import mapped data (SAM/BAM files) onto Broad Institute Integrated Genome Viewer (IGV) to inspect read distribution  


(IGV example figure)

Future Service
We anticipate building similar packages for other routine NGS analysis
  1.  ChIP-seq
  2. Exome-seq