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Research Informatics

The mission of the Research Informatics Shared Resource is:

  • To provide secure, reliable, high-quality research databases and technology solutions that facilitate cancer research for CU Cancer Center members.
  • To advance the field of cancer research informatics through local research and collaboration with regional and national partners.

We focus on solving specific problems for specific studies that can be implemented in an overarching research informatics infrastructure. This architecture extends the breadth of research possible at the CU Cancer Center and makes research as efficient as possible for all members.

We offer the following services

  • Strategic informatics planning for individual grants and the CU Cancer Center as a whole
  • Analytics, design and selection or creation of new software systems
  • Database integration and data warehousing
  • Grid-based data sharing
  • Data extraction and report generation
  • Database quality assurance
  • Web site design and construction
  • Web/database server administration