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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
Functional Genomics at CU Cancer Center

Functional Genomics Shared Resource

Functional Genomics is a field with enormous potential to advance biomedical research by investigating gene function on a genome-wide scale. RNAi, deep-sequencing and related technologies can be used to find out how entire families of genes function or malfunction in tumor cells, leading to new ideas for cancer treatment.

Based out of the University of Colorado Boulder, this shared resource aims to promote scientific research in the area of Functional Genomics in Colorado. Ultimately, the goal of our program is to catalyze discoveries that will positively impact the quality of human life - which also includes research in cancer.

The FGSR goal is to promote cancer-related research using Functional Genomics by:

  • Facilitating access to tools to investigate gene function at a genome-wide scale.
  • Providing protocols and expertise for the use of these genomic tools.
  • Promoting scientific exchange and discussion in the field of Functional Genomics.


We provide lentiviral vectors encoding short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) from the human and mouse TRC libraries. These libraries were originally created by the RNAi Consortium at the Broad Institute (MIT), and are now commercialized by SIGMA-Aldrich under the brand name MISSION® shRNA.

Currently, we administer ~100,000 shRNAs targeting ~18,000 human genes and ~80,000 shRNAs targeting ~ 14,000 mouse genes.

The lentiviral vector backbone is pLKO1. With the first order we provide the packaging vectors and a non-targeting shRNA control vector.

The vectors are provided in three different formats according to user’s preference:

  1. Glycerol Bacterial Stock  
  2. Plasmid DNA
  3. Lentiviral Suspension

In addition, we also provide Pathway-Focused Panels targeting the most common gene families.

Visit the Functional Genomics website for details about services and prices.