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Flow Cytometry

The University of Colorado Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource is committed to providing quality state-of-the-art flow cytometry services to the AMC campus and surrounding biotech community. The Flow Cytometry lab is equipped to perform the majority of standard and advanced flow cytometry applications. Instrument training and experimental design assistance is available for those who are not familiar with flow cytometry. We specialize in high-end equipment which can perform sophisticated multicolor analysis and sorting in addition to more standard assays.

Using flow cytometric analysis, high-speed cell sorting,  and multiplexed fluorescent microsphere assays, the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR) can perform a wide range of assays supporting cancer research, including cell cycle, cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell viability, cell signaling, stem cell detection, fluorescent protein analysis and cell phenotyping. These assays are crucial to understand how cancer derails normal cellular processes to cause disease.

The FCSR also serves as the Flow Cytometry Core for the Gates Stem Cell Center. We provide a consultation to help those CU Cancer Center members with little flow cytometry or immunology background to design appropriate experiments.


Flow Cytometry Analysis

We have four main analyzers, each best for different types of analysis. Machines can be self-run or staff-assisted analysis.

Propel Labs Yeti
Machine configuration & panel builder
  • 5 lasers: UV,405,488,561,640
  • 28 color analysis
  • Suggested fluors: almost anything
  • Plate sampler
  • Additional 405 forward scatter detector for small particle detection
Beckman Coulter Gallios
Machine configuration & panel builder
  • 3 lasers: 405, 488, 638
  • Analysis rate of 25,000 events/second
  • 10 color analysis
  • Suggested fluors: FITC, PE, PE-TexasRed, PECy5.5, PECy7, APC, Alexa700, APC-Cy7, Pacific Blue, BV510

Beckman Coulter Gallios 561
Machine configuration & panel builder
  • 4 lasers: 405, 488, 638, and 561
  • Analysis rate of 25,000 events/second
  • 10 color analysis
  • Suggested fluors: FITC, PE, PE-TexasRed, PECy5.5, PECy7, APC, Alexa700, APC-Cy7, Pacific Blue, BV510.

Cytek Aurora Spectral Analyzer

Cell Sorting Services

We have four high speed multi-laser cell sorters with different capabilities. All four sorters can sort into any size tube or plates.

Moflo XDP 100
  • 100 µm nozzle tip for larger cells
  • 4 lasers: 405, 488, 561, 641
  • Ideal for larger cells, cell lines, & sticky cells
  • 4-way sorting
  • Sorting rate 10,000 events/second
Moflo XDP 70
  • 70 µm nozzle tip for smaller cells
  • 5 lasers: UV, 405, 488,552, 635
  • Ideal for smaller cells and UV applications
  • 4-way sorting
  • Sorting rate 25,000 events/second


Moflo Astrios EQ
  • Enhanced forward scatter for small particle detection
  • Biosafety cabinet for sorting human samples
  • 5 lasers: 405, 488, 532, 561, 640
  • Enclosed in a hood for primary human cells
  • Sorting rate 30,000 events/second

 Sony MA900

  • Available for either staff or customer operation after training
  • 70 or 100 um chip nozzles
  • 4 lasers: 405, 488, 561, 638
  • Enclosed in a hood for biosafety
  • Ideal for larger or more fragile cells requiring lower pressure conditions
  • Sorting rates 5000 events/second (100um) or 15,000 (70um)

Luminex Magpix System

This analysis measures cytokines, chemokines, phosphoproteins and apoptosis markers.

Vicell and Cytospin

  • ViCell Cell Counter-automated Trypan Blue cell counts
  • Cytospin microscope slide centrifuge



New to Flow? Check out these great online introductory books

Flow Cytometry: A Basic Introduction by Michael G. Ormerod

Flow Cytometry: First Principles by Alice Longobardi Givans​