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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cell Sorting Guidelines

Choosing a Sorter

  • ​MoFlo XDP100 - This sorter has a 100 um tip and is best for cell lines.
  • MoFlo XDP70 - This sorter has a 70 um tip and is best for primary mouse cells. 
  • Astrios EQ - This sorter has a 70 um tip, enhanced forward scatter, and a biosafety cabinet. Choose this sorter for primary human cells and small particles.

Optimizing Samples

  • ​Add a viability dye to your stain set to eliminate dead cells.
  • Use polypropylene test tubes for both your sample and collection tubes for maximum sort yield.
  • Cells should be in a single cell suspension. Cell aggregates are the primary cause of poor sort results. We use a doublet discrimination gate to exclude doublets from the sort gate, but it is not 100% effective which leads to poor purity. Aggregates also increase the number of software aborts and may cause instrument clogs which take to time to clear and create hazardous aerosols.
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