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LIVESTRONG Cancer Survivorship Center of Excellence

LIVESTRONG Center of Excellence

We believe surviving cancer starts the day you are diagnosed continues through your treatment and beyond once your cancer treatment is complete. At the University of Colorado Cancer Center, we are dedicated to helping you on this journey.

As a LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence, we bring resources, support and information to cancer survivors in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.  Additionally, our programs work to increase the effectiveness of survivorship care through research, the development of new interventions and sharing of best practices. We are supported through the LIVESTRONG™ Foundation, one of the seven members in their national network.

Our Cancer Survivorship Resource Centers:

Center Location Contact Info
Monfort Family Foundation Cancer Resource Center Aurora, Colo. 720-848-0316
St. Mary's Regional Cancer Center Grand Junction, Colo

Debra Hesse, Cancer Survivorship Program Manager