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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center


The University of Colorado Cancer Center is run by a director, guided by a committee of associate directors, program leaders and resource directors, and overseen by an external advisory board.

Executive Team

Name/Title Contact Information

Dan Theodorescu, MD, PhD


S. Gail Eckhardt, MD

Senior Associate Director for Translational and Collaborative Research


Associate Directors

Name/Title Contact
Cathy Bradley | University of Colorado Cancer Center

Cathy Bradley, PhD

Associate Director for Clinical & Community Cancer Prevention & Control
Thomas Flaig | University of Colorado Cancer Center

Thomas Flaig, MD

Associate Director for Clinical Research

James DeGregori, PhD

Associate Director for Basic Science

John Tentler, PhD

Associate Director for Education

Michael Glode | University of Colorado Cancer Center

Michael Glodé, MD

Associate Director for Community Engagement

Fred Hirsch, MD, PhD

Associate Director for International Programs

Mark Kochevar

Associate Director for Administration and Finance
Tom Purcell, MD, MBA

Tom Purcell, MD, MBA

Associate Director for Clinical Services


Shared Resource Directors

Name Shared Resource Contact

Dara Aisner, MD, PhD

Molecular Pathology

Steven Anderson, PhD

Protein Production / Monoclonal Antibody / Tissue Culture

Edward Bedrick, PhD

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Mair Churchill, PhD

Structural Biology

Joaquin Espinosa, PhD

Functional Genomics

Tom Flaig, MD

Clinical Investigations

Marileila Varella-Garcia, PhD

Molecular Pathology

BiFeng Gao, PhD, MBA


Daniel Gustafson, PhD


Christopher Porter, MD and Willi Born, PhD

Flow Cytometry

David Jones, PhD

Structural Biology

Scott Lucia, MD

Tissue Biobanking and Processing

Natalie Serkova, PhD

Animal Imaging


Research Program Leaders


Name Research Program Contact Info

Antonio Jimeno, MD, PhD


Cancer Cell Biology

Robert Sclafani, PhD

Cancer Cell Biology

Rajesh Agarwal, PhD

Cancer Prevention & Control

Cathy Bradley, PhD

Cancer Prevention & Control (Interim)

Daniel Gustafson, PhD

Developmental Therapeutics

Wells Messersmith, MD

Developmental Therapeutics

Lia Gore, MD


Hematologic Malignancies

Craig Jordan, PhD


Hematologic Malignancies

Xiao-Jing Wang, MD, PhD

Lung, Head & Neck Cancer

York Miller, MD

Lung, Head & Neck Cancer

James DeGregori, PhD

Molecular Oncology

Joaquin Espinosa, PhD

Molecular Oncology




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