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Video: Center for Surgical Innovation


Sarah Massena,​
Executive Director


Peter E. Mouser,
Lab manager



Center for Surgical Innovation

The Center for Surgical Innovation (CSI) at the University of Colorado is a multidisciplinary surgical training center dedicated to promoting educational courses and development of leading edge surgical techniques and technologies. We are affiliated with the Department of Surgery in the CU School of Medicine.

CSI was created as a local, national and international center of excellence in the evolving field of surgery. CSI is dedicated to teaching and disseminating leading edge surgical techniques to practicing surgeons, residents and medical students. Our comprehensive multi-specialty/multi-disciplinary group of faculty span all of the surgical specialties available at the University of Colorado Hospital. Three factors distinguish the University of Colorado CSI from other surgical training centers:

  1. The unique availability of expert surgical faculty from fifteen surgical specialties.
  2. The modern state of the art conference rooms, cadaver laboratory and animal facility.
  3. The proximity of our center to a major airport in the middle of the United States.



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Center Keeps Surgery Students
on the Cutting Edge​

To television viewers, “CSI” means investigators​ meticulously parsing crime scene evidence to identify the culprit. But at the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Medicine, CSI – the Center for Surgical Innovation – is the latest episode in providing a range of students, from technicians to mid-career surgeons, the most up-to-date surgical education and training. Read more.


Surgical Bioskills Lab

Center for Surgical Innovation
Bioscience Park Center
12635 E. Montview Blvd., Suite 170
Aurora, CO 80045

Animal Vivarium

University of Colorado School of Medicine
Research Complex 1 North
12800 E. 19th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

Sarah Massena

Executive Director
(303) 724-2756


Peter E. Mouser

Lab manager

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