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Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core


Our current services include:

    • Embryo Cryopreservation and Rederivation
    • Generation of ES cell lines from customer-provided mouse lines
    • Gene targeting in mouse ES cells
    • Mouse ES cell or iPS cell injections into mouse blastocysts
    • Pronuclear injections (conventional and BAC transgenes)
    • Zinc finger nuclease (ZFN)-mediated transgenesis
    • ZFN-mediated gene knockout in fertilized mouse eggs
    • Sperm and embryo cryo-preservation
    • In vitro fertilization

Laboratory Services:

    • DNA Purification
    • Karyotyping and mycoplasma testing of stem cells

Miscellaneous Services:

    • Mating, Weaning, Tattooing and Tail Biopsies
    • Timed Pregnancies


All communications must be routed through the mailbox. Briefly state your questions or concerns. Your email will be routed to appropriate Core personnel.