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The CU School of Medicine is top-ranked in primary care, pediatrics and family and rural medicine. We offer degrees in doctor of medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant, medical science in anesthesiology, genetic counseling, modern human anatomy.

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Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core


DNA Preparation and Submission for Microinjection

There are two options for preparing DNA for microinjection by the Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core:

  1. Lab Prepared DNA: If you choose this method, we strongly recommend you use the DNA Preparation Protocol for Microinjections for purification. When you have prepared and purified your DNA, please complete the first section of the microinjection application form and submit with your DNA. Remember to check 'NO' in the "Will you require DNA purification" checkbox. DNA and request forms are submitted to the Cell Services Lab in RC-1, 8th floor. (See application form for directions) Also, you can email the application form to Makeamouse for approval.
  2. TGTC Prepared DNA: Deliver your unpurified DNA to the Cell Services Laboratory, RC-1, 8th floor, and our personnel will purify it for you. In this case you would, check 'YES' in the "Will you require DNA purification" checkbox.

We will schedule your microinjections at the soonest time possible and notify you by email. 

All communications must be routed through the mailbox. Briefly state your questions or concerns. Your email will be routed to appropriate Core personnel.