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The CU School of Medicine is top-ranked in primary care, pediatrics and family and rural medicine. We offer degrees in doctor of medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant, medical science in anesthesiology, genetic counseling, modern human anatomy.

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Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core

Current Prices

  Gene Targeting Services Non SDRC SDRC Member
  Additional ES Cell Clones (per 96 well plate) $540 $338
    Chromosome Count (per clone; simple karyotype) $603 $431
    Full Karyotype (per clone) $885 $655
    Clone Expansion (up to 6 ES cell clones) $667 $455
    Electroporation/Drug Selection (First 288 clones) $2,836 $2,078
    Generating ES Cells from Blastocycts $1,255 $756
    Removal of floxP- or FRT-flankedDNA from the ES Cell Genome $2,448 $1,833
    Subcloning of ES Cell Lines $539 $347
  Animal Core Services    
    ES Cell Injection into C57 Blastocysts $2,059 $1,459
    ES Cell Injection into Albino B6 Blastocysts $3,051 $2,211
    Embryo Cryopreservation $494 $302
    Embryo Cryopreservation via IVF $1,048 $750
    Sperm Cryopreservation $772 $455
    Embryo Rederivation (includes 2 surgeries) $758 $557
    Embryo Transfer Surgery (including recipient female) $171 $152
    Invitro Fertilization (IVF) $678 $467
    Pronuclear DNA Injections into FVB embryos* $2,010 $1,477
    Pronuclear DNA Injections into C57 embryos* $2,684 $2,094
    Pronuclear Injections of BAC DNA* $4,288 $2,892
    Zinc Finger‐Mediated Insertion of Transgenes into the
Mouse ROSA Locus (advanced transgenics)
$2,312 $1,880
  Animal Colony Services    
    Breeding $36 $20
    Paw & Tail Tattoo/Ear Tag, Biopsy and Weaning $57 $38


- All prices subject to change

*Price does not include Embryo Transfer Surgeries

- Prices do not include embryo donor females, per diems or quarantine screening when applicable; these charges are billed by OLAR