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Transgenic Mice

Services Provided by the Core

The Core will conduct pronuclear injection of DNA constructs (e.g. conventional 
transgenics, BAC transgenics). Our goal is to implant 150 embryos into recipient mice. On average, we expect 20 pups to be born from each experiment.
If less than 5 pups are born, we will repeat the injection without charging labor costs (the
investigator will have to pay animal costs and supplies). Due to the nature of the experiment,
the Core cannot guarantee that transgene-expressing animals are born.
Responsibilities of the Investigator
The investigator will provide the DNA construct. Please inquire regarding preferred DNA preparation protocols and required quality control experiments to be performed by the investigator. Please note that Core staff can also purify and prepare high quality DNA for an additional charge.
The investigator is responsible for  obtaining regulatory approval to generate transgenic mice (IBC, IACUC). The Core has generated standardized production protocols to be used by investigators. Contact us for more information.
Mouse Embryo Injection
Source: International Society for Transgenic