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CRISPR/CAS-mediated Genome Editing in Mouse Embryos


Services Provided by the Core

The Core is now offering CRISPR/CAS technology for the generation of mutations in the mouse genome (e.g. null mutations, insertions, point mutations). This service includes sgRNA design, targeting vector design (if applicable) and the injection of fertilized mouse eggs with the CRISPR/CAS system components. Alternatively, the CRISPR/CAS system can be introduced into mouse embryos via electroporation. These services require a consultation with the Core Director and staff developing the CRISPR/CAS strategy. Advantages and limitations of this approaches are discussed during the consultation. Please inquire about details.

Responsibilities of the Investigator

The investigator is responsible for obtaining regulatory approval to generate transgenic mice (IBC, IACUC). The Core has generated standardized production protocols to be used by investigators. Contact us for more information.