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Sperm and Embryo Cryopreservation


Services Provided by the Core

The Core will super-ovulate wild type females or provide the investigator with the superovulation hormones (contact the Core for details). The Core recommends cryopreserving between 300 and 500 embryos to consider a line properly preserved. The optimal number of preserved embryos depend on the predicted mix of genotypes present in the embryo pool. Please contact us to discuss the optimum number of embryos for your line. In the case of sperm cryopreservation, the Core will freeze between 15 and 20 straws.

Responsibilities of the Investigator

  • Discuss with the Core the best route of cryopreservation for your lines. The requirements in terms of males and females needed from your line vary with the project. These parameters will be discussed at a consultation.

The investigator is responsible for obtaining regulatory approval to cryo-preserve mice (IBC, IACUC). The Core has generated standardized production protocols to be used by investigators. Contact us for more information.​

Storage of Biological Material by the Core 

The Bioengineering Core currently stores biological material for our customers. Mouse embryos, sperm and stocks of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells are stored in liquid nitrogen. There is always a small chance that human error or events beyond our control could lead to a loss of material. We can therefore not assume financial liability for the storage of your biological material. If you would prefer to store your material in your own laboratory, contact the Core to arrange the transfer. Please be aware that sperm and mouse embryos require special storage conditions in order to maintain their biological activity. Please contact us for details.