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iPSC Lines for Purchase


Services Provided by the Core

  • The Core has generated iPSC lines using a non-DNA integrating vector system from human foreskin fibroblasts and mouse C57Bl/6 fibroblasts.
  • Both cell lines have been tested to express standard pluripotency markers by QRT-PCR and immunostaining.
  • Both iPSC lines have the ability to differentiate into cells of all three germ layers as determined by a embryoid body assay. Both iPSC lines are fully characterized and are free of mycoplasma. 
  • These cells are available to researchers at non-profit organizations for basic research only.
  • Customers purchasing these cells will have to sign an agreement outlining acceptable use of Core-generated iPSC
  • See additional information on the data sheet below​

iPS Cell Lines Available for Purchase

Source cells
​        Cell line name
​Human Foreskin Fibroblast
Data Sheet
​          hiPSC.01.07 
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​Mouse C57Bl/6 Primary Fibroblast
Data Sheet
​         miPSC.002.07
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Note: The Core generates custom-designed iPSC lines from various cell types and species.The Core has successfully generated iPSC from human, mouse, dog and horse.