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iPS Cells Culture Class


Services Provided by the Core

The Core offers an iPSC culture class upon request (3 participants required). This one week course is a hands-on class that focuses on techniques required to maintain, preserve and amplify iPSC.  Topics include: Passage of mouse and human iPSC; Methods to maintain iPSC in a pluripotent state; Cryo-preservation and thawing of iPSC and transitioning of iPSC from feeder cells to feeder-free cell culture systems.  

Proficient tissue cell culture skills are required for this hands-on class. The class will be restricted to 3- 4 participants per session.

 iPSC Course Outline
  •       Preparation of cell culture dishes I (e.g. matrigel preparation, coating and storage)
  • ​      Preparation of cell culture dishes II (mitomycin C inactivation and plating of feeder cells)
  •       iPS cell media preparation (mTeSR, TeSR 8 and DMEM/F12)
  •       Culture and passage of mouse iPSC on MEF
  •       Identifying differentiated and undifferentiated colonies of iPSC
  •       Passaging, thawing and cryo-preservation of mouse and human iPSC
  •       Transitioning of human iPS cells on MEF to a feeder free cell culture system
Service fees
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