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ES Cell-Derived Mice


Services Provided by the Core

ES cells will be microinjected into either C57Bl/6 or albino C57Bl/6 blastocysts. We inject ES cells generated in our facility as well as ES cells obtained from third parties. Strict quality control criteria will be applied before we inject third party ES cells (including mycoplasma testing and karyotype analysis). We aim to microinject 60 blastocysts which will result in 5 implantations into recipient females. After microinjection, the resulting chimeric males will be bred for germline transmission by the investigators. Breeding for germline transmission services by the Core is available in certain cases (please inquire). Due to the nature of the experiment, the Core cannot guarantee germline transmission of the targeted allele.


Responsibilities of the Investigator 

  • Discuss experimental goal and design with core facility members before initiation of the project.
  • Provide targeted ES cell clones unless these clones were generated by our Core. (2-3 clones are recommended for each mutation)
  • ES cell clones must have a normal male karyotype.
  • ES cell clones must be mycoplasma free.
  • Note that embryo donor females (25) will be charged to the investigator’s speedtype (Animal Facility / OLAR bill).
  • Per diem of mouse cages will be charge to the investigator’s speedtype (Animal Facility / OLAR bill)
  • Investigators outside of UC Denver should inquire about billing of animal charges

The investigator is responsible for obtaining regulatory approval to generate ES cell-derived mice (IBC, IACUC). The Core has generated standardized production protocols to be used by investigators. Contact us for more information.