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Stem Cells and Cancer

Researchers Related to Stem Cells and Cancer

Researchers at the Gates Center along with the University of Colorado Cancer Center are the first in the nation to test drugs that specifically target cancer stem cells. Their research has shown that cancer stem cells are the at the root of cancer. When those stem cells are destroyed, the cancer is no longer able to regenerate.

This therapy can be used to treat tumors and blood cancers. It has already proven effective in clinical trials that are currently being conducted in collaboration by both Centers.

For more information on the Center's Stem Cells and Cancer program, please refer to the list of researchers below.

Neil Box
Mayumi Fujita
Antonio Jimeno
Peter Koch
Maranke Koster
Shi-Long Lu
Stephen Malkoski
Christopher Porter
Yosef Refaeli
Dennis Roop
Carol Sartorius
Xiao-Jing Wang
Rui Yi
Kathrin Bernt, MD
Tobias Neff, M.D.
Douglas Thamm
Susan Bailey
Tamara Terzian
Enrique Torchia
Peter Dempsey, PhD
Traci Lyons, PhD
Kristen Boyle, PhD
Robert Sclafani, PhD
Heide Ford
David Norris
Eric Pietras
Purev, Enhkee, MD, PhD
Yiqun ​Shellman