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The CU School of Medicine is top-ranked in primary care, pediatrics and family and rural medicine. We offer degrees in doctor of medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant, medical science in anesthesiology, genetic counseling, modern human anatomy.

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Stem Cell Biology

Researchers Related to Stem Cell Biology


Embryonic stem cells, the subject of much controversy when used in research, have the ability to differentiate into any type of tissue. In 2006, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University in Japan successfully reprogrammed differentiated mouse skin cells into cells that looked and behaved like embryonic stem cells. Since that time, researchers, including those at the Gates’ Center, have been able to replicate the process with adult human skin cells.

At the Gates' Center we study the biology of adult stem cells so that we can better understand the role they play in tissue formation as well as disease. By understanding the mechanisms that propel them, we hope to learn how to regenerate cells, organs and tissues and how to detect and stop disease.

For more information on  the Center's Stem Cell Biology program, please refer to the list of researchers below.