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Pediatric Stroke

Clinical Care for Pediatric Stroke at the HTC

Pediatric Stroke Focus Areas.jpgHow We Treat Pediatric Stroke
Pediatric stroke is a condition where a child experiences a lack of blood flow to the brain because of either a blood clot or bleeding injury. Children who experience stroke may have a wide variety of outcomes depending on the type, size and location of the stroke. Our center works in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Colorado to offer personalized care, research and rehabilitation for children who have experienced stroke.

At the HTC our specialized staff has experience working with children who have suffered a stroke. We offer regular clinics to analyze your child’s needs, treat their symptoms and provide support.  At our Pediatric Stroke Comprehensive Clinic, patients and their families meet with a multi-disciplinary team that provides guidance and treatment from hematologists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, social workers, rehabilitation, pharmacists and our research team.

Treatment: Most pediatric stroke patients come to us after already experiencing stroke and treatment is needed to combat the results of the stroke and prevent further damage. This can include medication provided by our specialized pharmacy, and regular visits with neurologists and hematologists and neuropsychologists.

Rehabilitation: Recovery from the physical damage from pediatric stroke often requires multiple forms of treatment.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and vision therapy services are resources a pediatric patient may need to combat the aftermath of stroke.  The HTC provides, or can refer patients to, this specialized care.

Support: Our social workers are specifically trained to assist families manage the many emotional and psychological impacts that can accompany pediatric stroke.  We provide emotional support, education, assistance finding the resources families need and guidance navigating insurance coverage.  The HTC also provides programs that offer group support to patients and their families and sponsors the Pediatric Stroke Parent Support Group.

Research: As a part of the University of Colorado, we have faculty and staff on campus that are researching pediatric stroke and performing studies as to why children suffer stroke.  Researchers on our staff have optional programs that patients and families may be interested in that are designed to improve treatment, understanding and prevention of stroke.

See our Clinic page for details on how to set up an appointment for care.