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Required Courses
HEHE 5000: Foundations in Health Humanities (AMC)  OFFERED FALL 2017 ON TUESDAY EVENINGS!
HEHE 5100: Foundations of Ethics: Issues in Health (AMC)​​ OFFERED SPRING 2018 ON TUESDAY EVENINGS!
Elective Courses
Specialized Courses in Health Ethics at Anschutz Medical Campus
HEHE 5550: Health Ethics in the Clinical Setting* (AMC) 
HEHE 5600: Illness, Stigma and Ethics in Healthcare Setting* (AMC)
HEHE 5650: Ethics and Law in Public Health* (AMC)
HEHE 5950: Pain, Its Paradoxes and the Human Condition* (AMC)
Specialized Courses in Health Humanities at Anschutz Medical Campus
HEHE 5200: Literature, Visual Arts and Healthcare* (AMC) 
HEHE 5250: Topics in Media, Medicine and Society* (AMC) 
HEHE 5300: Narrative Medicine and Reflective Writing* (AMC) 
HEHE 5350: The Science and Art of the Mind* (AMC) 

Specialized Courses in Health Ethics and Health Humanities
at University of Colorado Denver Campus
ANTH 5014: Medical Anthropology (UCD) 
ANTH 5040: Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (UCD)
ANTH 5290: Anthropology and Public Health (UCD)
ANTH 5600: Anthropology of the Clinic (UCD) 
ANTH 5800: Special Topics in Medical Anthropology (UCD) 
COMM 5500: Health Rhetoric (UCD) 
COMM 5550: Rhetorics of Medicine and Health (UCD) 
ENGL 5745: Humanistic Writing about Medicine and Biology (UCD) 
HEHM 5900: Special Topics in Health Humanities (UCD) 
HIST 5345: Gender, Science, and Medicine (UCD) 
HIST 5346: Medicine and Society: the Ancients to the Present (UCD) 
PHIL 5013: Philosophical Problems in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (UCD) 
PHIL 5242: Bioethics (UCD)
PHIL 5250:  Environmental Ethics (UCD)
PHIL 5350: Philosophy of Science (UCD) 
SOCY 5050: Health Disparities (UCD) 
SOCY 5110: Sociology of Health Care (UCD) 
SOCY 5270: Social Meanings of Reproduction* (UCD) 
SOCY 5650: Sociology of Adulthood and Aging (UCD) 
RLST 5460: Death and Concepts of Afterlife (UCD)

1. Enrollment in the Certificate programs permits students to take courses on either campus. 
2. “*” indicates a course pending Graduate School approval. 
3. The above course list is subject to revision at the discretion of the Program Director. 
4. To count a course not on the approved elective list toward the Certificate requires the prior
         written approval of the Program Director, Dr. Therese Jones.