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Courses Offered in Spring 2019
HEHE 5100: Foundations of Ethics: Issues in Health​
                  (AMC-Required Course)
HEHE 5750: Pain, Its Paradoxes and the Human Condition​
                   (AMC-Elective Course)
HEHE 5550: Independent Study in Health Humanites & Health Ethics-Film and Mental Illness
                  (AMC-Elective Course)

All Courses​ in Certificate Program
1. Enrollment in the Certificate programs permits students to take courses on either campus. 
2. All courses are subject to revision at the discretion of the Program Director. 
3. To count a course not on the approved elective list toward the Certificate requires the prior
         written approval of the Program Director, Dr. Therese Jones.
4.      All courses are open and available to individuals who are not enrolled in the Certificate Program.
         Please contact Dr. Therese Jones for information.