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About C-CAT

C-CAT, which has been extensively validated in diverse health care organizations nationally, provides a 360-degree organizational assessment using coordinated patient, staff and leadership surveys, as well as an organizational workbook that collects important information on the organization’s policies and practices.

When analyzed together, C-CAT’s tools provide tangible, reliable metrics that demonstrate whether an organization’s policies, practices and culture promote effective, patient-centered communication. Trained consultants provide guidance and assistance throughout the assessment, conduct statistical analysis of data (including comparisons against a national benchmarking database) and create a feedback report featuring personalized, site-specific recommendations.

In addition to helping maximize the impact of performance improvement efforts, the use of C-CAT provides valuable information regarding needs assessments and meeting local and national standards. Organizations using C-CAT find it compliments CAHPS assessments, documents compliance with Title VI (CLAS) standards and is invaluable in meeting The Joint Commission’s patient-centered communication standards.​ 


For information contact the C-CAT Project Coordinators: 
Songyuan Gu, MS, or Julie Ressalam  MPH, CHES, at (303) 724-6997
or email:​

​​Follow the C-CAT Team on Twitter @CCATColorado and LinkedIn ​