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Music and Medicine Initiative

The Arts and Humanities in Healthcare Program has launched a new endeavor called the Music and Medicine Initiative (MAMI).  This initiative was inspired by the Music and Medicine Program at the Weill Cornell Medical College, which was co-founded by Richard Kogan, MD., who both celebrated our new program on the Anschutz Medical Campus with his September, 2013 performance and offered advice and ideas for a group of faculty, students and staff about growing and supporting it.  

The mission of MAMI is to provide students, faculty, staff, patients and community members with a network and a resource for understanding and using music as a conduit to advance healthcare, education, and research.  The goals are three:

  • Healing:  Expanding the arts community on the Anschutz Medical Campus by creating a  network and identifying resources for all musicians in order to support and nurture their work; providing music in hospitals and clinics for patients and their families.
  • Outreach:  Offering free and open performances for the community; collaborating with artists in the greater Denver and Aurora communities.
  • Education & Research:  Organizing and presenting lectures and workshops; seeking opportunities for research. 

The current leadership of MAMI includes co-presidents, Tyler Barr and Romany Redman; secretary, Jessica Bondy; treasurer, Ken Eyring; Vitae Vocem (Choir Director) Kevin Padworski, Christina Bishop, and Melomania Orchestra representative, Daphne Moutsoglou, Director.

Look for an upcoming series of presentations on music therapy.  If you would like to join our network, please contact Dr. Tess Jones at (303) 724-3995.