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Service Centers

Cytometry Service Center


The Flow Cytometry Service Center lab has a BD FACSCalibur for up to 4-color acquisition [Blue laser (488nm), Red laser (633nm)] and a BD LSRII for up to 10-color acquisition [Red laser (633nm), Blue laser (488nm), Violet laser (405nm), Ultraviolet laser (355nm)].


  1. Cytometer Training:
  2. Since most researchers prefer to have their own staff run their samples, the Flow Cytometry Core lab will train your personnel to properly operate both our instruments.
  3. Real-time sample collection assistance & trouble shooting:
  4. The Core’s manager is available to assist you in sample acquisition and analysis.
  5. Technical Consultation:
  6. Expertise is available to help resolve any cytometry-related problems - from experimental layout, cytochrome choices and sample preparation, through sample collection and analyses.

The cytometers are maintained at the highest standard through the manufacturer’s (BD) preventative maintenance programs and by daily in-house Quality Control procedures.

Cytometry contact personnel:
Scott Beard​, Core Manager

The purpose of this website is to provide some basic information about the BDC Service Cores including contact information and links to on-line services where they are available. If you have questions about the BDC Service Cores please contact us (email or phone: 303-724-6836).