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Research Division Faculty


Primary Appointment: Professor of Pediatrics
Secondary Appointment: Cell and Developmental Biology
Director of Basic and Translational Research, Barbara Davis Center 
Sissel and Findlow Family Chair​


K. Fischer, L. Hudish, A. Theis, L. Sussel, M. Guney, R. Singer, D. Lorberbaum

The main focus of the Sussel lab is to understand the complex transcriptional networks that regulate development, differentiation and function of the pancreas. Our early studies led to the ground-breaking discovery that a ghrelin-producing “epsilon” cell population normally resides in the fetal islet, and that a close lineage relationship exists between the islet beta and epsilon cell populations.  We went on to identify several novel regulatory pathways that are essential for islet lineage specification, normal pancreas development and the maintenance of beta cell maturation.  More recently our research is addressing issues relating to the regulation of alpha and beta cell identity and function with a specific focus on transcription factors and long non-coding RNAs. At the Barbara Davis Center we are part of an outstanding team of scientists and clinicians dedicated to finding treatments and cures for Type 1 diabetes. In this rich research environment, my lab will continue to explore novel transcriptional regulatory mechanisms that will promote islet cell development survival and function in normal and pathophysiological conditions such as diabetes.

Lab Members:

Principal Investigator: Lori Sussel, PhD

Predoctoral Student: Alexandra Theis, BS

Predoctoral Student: Elliott Brooks, BS

Predoctoral Student: Nicole Moss, BS

Postdoctoral Fellow: Laura Hudish, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow: David Lorberbaum, PhD

Research Instructor: Michelle Guney, PhD

Professional Research Assistant: Cailin Deiter

Postdoctoral Fellow: Elena Abarinov, PhD

Student Worker: Eloise Aragon​


PhD: Columbia University Medical School, New York (1993)
Postdoctoral Fellowship: University of California, San Francisco, California (1998)

Please direct inquiries to specific e-mail addresses listed within individual entries. For all other general Research inquiries, please contact: Patricia Dodson​