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Welcome to the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes at the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado.

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Clinical Division Faculty

Satish Garg, MD
Chief, Young Adult Clinics
Professor of Pediatrics & Medicine

Microvascular complications of type I diabetes, with emphases on:

  • the recognition of factors responsible for early diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy
  • clinical trials of medications to possibly reverse early changes in eyes and kidneys
  • the definition of the early course of microangiopathy
  • the evaluation of new, more rapid means of monitoring albumin excretion rates to assess kidney function

Evaluation and clinical use of new insulin analogues (short and long acting) as tools for achieving improved glycemic control in patients with type I diabetes.

Utilization of new insulin administration devices in the treatment of type I diabetes (pulmonary delivery of insulin and buccal delivery of insulin).

Glucose sensors: non-invasive glucose monitoring devices (Glucowatch, infrared ray, continuous subcutaneous glucose sensors).


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