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Welcome to the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes at the University of Colorado School of Medicine on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado.

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Clinical Division Faculty

Aaron Michels

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Medicine

Aaron Michels MD is currently an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver and practicing endocrinologist at the Barbara Davis Center.  His research focuses on the basic immunology of type 1 diabetes and immune intervention trials to prevent the progression of type 1 diabetes in at risk and newly diagnosed individuals.  


1.      Michels AW and Eisenbarth GS.  Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type 1 as a Model for Understanding Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type 2.  Journal of Internal Medicine.  2009; 265(5):530-40.

2.      Michels AW, Jeffrey J, and Eisenbarth GS.  Chapter 14. Genetics of Type 1 Diabetes.  Immunoendocrinology: Scientific and Clinical Aspects (in press).

3.      Michels AW and Eisenbarth GS.  Immunologic Endocrine Disorders.  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (in press).

4.      Michels AW and Gottlieb PA.  Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndromes.  Nature Reviews, Endocrinology (in press).

5.      Michels AW and Haugen BR.  Malignant Struma Ovarii.  JCEM.  Images in Endocrinology (in press).

6.      Michels AW and Nakayama M.  The Anti-Insulin Trimolecular Complex in Type 1 Diabetes. Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity (in press).



1.  NIH Loan Repayment Program; Clinical Research – Extramural from the NIDDK from 2009 -2011.

2.  “Pilot studies of a novel mechanism for small molecules to induce autoimmunity through the trimolecular complex.”  NIH Autoimmunity Prevention Center, U519 AI050864-08; Investigators: George Eisenbarth and Aaron Michels; $75,000 awarded from 2009 – 2010.


Research Abstracts:

1.  “Identification of Small Molecules that Enhance Anti-Insulin Peptide T cell Receptor Signaling and IL-10 Secretion.”  Oral presentation at the American Diabetes Association 70th Annual Meeting, Orlando Florida (June 2010).


2.  “Stable Detection of Insulin B:9-23 Reactive T cells in NOD and Insulin 2-KO NOD Mice by IFN-gamma ELISPOT Assay.”  Presented at the Federation of Clinical Immunology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California (June 2009).


3.  “Central Diabetes Insipidus after Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Associated Antigen 4 (CTLA-4) Blockade.”  Presented at The Endocrine Society’s 90th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California (June 2008).


4.  “Post Transplant hsCRP Varies with Type of Pancreas Transplant Performed.”  Presented at the Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum, Omaha, Nebraska (February 2007).  Received the award for Excellent Presentation by a House Officer.


5.  “Highly Sensitive CRP (hsCRP) is Lower in Kidney and/or Pancreas Transplant Recipients than Candidates but Remains Elevated Suggesting Ongoing Vascular Risk.”  Presented at The Endocrine Society’s 88th Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts (June 2006).


6.  “Rearrangement in the Synthesis of Alkyl Bromides.”  Presented at the 32nd Great Lakes Regional Meeting American Chemical Society, Fargo, North Dakota (June 2000).  Presented at the 120th Annual Meeting of The Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska (April 2000).