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School of Medicine Newsroom, The Latest Medical News from the School of Medicine

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Multimedia Newsroom

New Cholesterol Guidelines

Robert Eckel, MD, discusses the new cholesterol guidelines and what they mean for health care providers.

Legacy of Dean Richard Krugman

Dean Richard Krugman, MD, and his colleagues reflect on his near quarter century at the helm of the School of Medicine.

CU School of Medicine

Students and faculty talk about what makes the CU School of Medicine one of the top programs in the country.

Dr. Tim Byers on Diet and Cancer Risk

A viewer asks Tim Byers, MD, MPH: Is it the fat you eat or the fat on your body that causes cancer?

Test Drive Health Careers Video

High school freshmen come to Anschutz Medical Campus to learn about careers in medicine.

3 Things to Know about Ebola

A CU physician and researcher explains the three most important things to know about the ebola virus.

Center on Aging Video

At CU's Center on Aging, seniors get clinical, research and community support.

Attacking Lung Cancer as a Team

Patients at CU's Lung Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic receive care from a team of health care workers who investigate the best approach to cure the disease.

Deep Brain Stimulation Video

Neurosurgeons at University of Colorado Hospital help patients with Parkinson's and other neurological diseases through deep brain stimulation.

Battling Lung Cancer at CU Cancer Center

Winning the lung cancer fight at CU Cancer Center.

CU Guatemala Health Clinic Video

CU's new clinic in Guatemala is helping prevent and cure diseases among the workers and their families.

Personalized Medicine Video

''Personalized medicine will allow me to treat my patients as I want to be treated,'' says David Schwartz, chairman of the University of Colorado Department of Medicine.

Community Immersion Video

Community members help guide University of Colorado research efforts through a program that merges the academic world with local residents' lives.

Gorilla Heart Health Video

CU cardiologists are helping the Denver Zoo maintain gorilla heart health by training the animals to press their chest against a cage so trainers can scan their heart.

Students Spoof Hogwart Houses

School of Medicine students prepare for new advisory colleges named after Colorado peaks including Bierstadt, Conundrum and Eolus. The colleges provide four years of student support and friendship.