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Wound Care Study Uses Stem Cells

The School of Medicine is teaming up with a Singapore biomedical company to begin a study using stem cells to treat diabetic wounds.

Tracking Weight Loss Successes

Anschutz Medical Campus helps maintain a registry of 10,000 people who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off so researchers can understand the keys to their success.

Heart Disease, Stroke in Minorities Studied

Four universities will study heart disease and stroke in minority populations; CU will look at blood pressure control and racism among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Compression Wear for Athletes

Athletes are wearing compression garments in the belief that it helps performance by reducing toxins.

New Grant for Heart Health

A $14.8 million grant to CU will help primary care practices use the latest medical evidence to improve the heart health of hundreds of thousands of people in Colorado and New Mexico.

Funds for Reorganizing Research

A Colorado congresswoman helps launch a national effort to find new ways to finance research and make up for lack of funding.

New Cholesterol Guidelines

Robert Eckel, MD, discusses the new cholesterol guidelines and what they mean for health care providers.

Research Lacking in TB Cases

A CU researcher says treatment for drug-resistant TB is toxic and harmful to patients because of lack of good research into a better options.

Obesity Handed Down from Mom to Baby

Many babies born to obese mothers are programmed in utero to become obese, a CU researcher says.

IUDs Safe for New Mothers

A new study shows that IUDs can safely be inserted immediately after childbirth to reduce unintended pregnancies.

Race Affects Heart Risks in Women

A new study indicating that black and white women have different risk factors for heart disease shows how much more research is needed globally, a CU researcher says.

Extreme Athletes Defy Stereotypes

A CU study shows that most BASE jumpers have witnessed a death or catastrophic injury of a fellow jumper. But a new study shows that these same athletes are not impulsive thrill-seekers.

Altitude's Impact on SIDS

Infants who live at high altitude have a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome, a CU study shows.

Light Drinking Damages Teen Brain

The brains of teens who drank "normal" amounts showed shrinkage in the areas affecting learning, emotional development and self-control, a CU psychiatrist says.

Research Links Diseases

CU's Tim Byers, MD, MPH, says researchers need to study the link between cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.