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Polio-Like Illness Study Model

Scientists have developed the first animal model for studying paralysis caused by virus linked to a polio-like illness that paralyzed 120 children in 2014.

Nanomedicine Fights Superbugs

CU researchers say nanomedicine will help defeat bacteria that resist antibiotics.

Flu Shot Protocol for Eczema Patients

Patients with eczema should receive flu shots to the muscle because their skin is often colonized by other bacteria.

CU Cancer Center Excellence

The CU Cancer Center has earned a prestigious grant from the National Cancer Institute and is designated a “comprehensive cancer center”, recognizing the Center’s excellence in all aspects of care and research.

Low Protein-Obesity Link

Poor women in Latin America are more likely to be obese because they eat less protein but consume more calories, researchers say.

Gastric Bypass Surgery for Teens

Extremely obese teens can lose weight and keep it off with bypass surgery, but there can be side effects, a CU researcher says.

Hydrogen Peroxide Dangers

Devotees of drinking highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide are risking injury or death, a CU researcher says.

Kidney Failure Care for Immigrants

Failing to provide scheduled dialysis treatments to undocumented immigrants with kidney failure means states pay higher costs for care and patients face greater pain and distress.

Carnivorous Plant Evolution

Researchers have sequenced the genome of the Australian pitcher plant and discovered a key to the mystery of how those plants became predatory.

Don't Trust Headphone Ratings for Kids

"Kid-safe" headphones cannot be trusted to prevent damage to children's hearing.

Soccer Concussions Rise

​​​​A ​CU study reports a sharp increase in concussions among soccer players in the U.S.

Helping Cats and People

CU researchers are studying a feline immunodeficiency virus to improve the lives of cats and to better understand human immunodeficiency virus.

Double Up on Sun Protection

Sunscreen and shade used separately are not enough to prevent sunburn. Use both for full protection, a CU doctor says.

Early Treatment Eases Rheumatoid Arthritis

Starting anti-inflammatory drugs early may prevent painful rheumatoid arthritis symptoms from progressing.

Grant Opens Clinical Trials to More Patients

A new grant will allow more Front Range patients to join clinical trials at CU Cancer Center.