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Altitude's Impact on SIDS

Infants who live at high altitude have a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome, a CU study shows.

Light Drinking Damages Teen Brain

The brains of teens who drank "normal" amounts showed shrinkage in the areas affecting learning, emotional development and self-control, a CU psychiatrist says.

Research Links Diseases

CU's Tim Byers, MD, MPH, says researchers need to study the link between cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Eye Color Affects Health

Your eye color can mean you are more or less likely to develop certain diseases.

Paliative Care Funding for Parkinson's Patients

A CU research team will receive a $2 million funding grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to study offering palliative care to patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine

CU researchers say a clinical study on children shows promise for a vaccine that could prevent type 1 diabetes.

Serious Diabetes Complication Increases

The incidence of a potentially life-threatening complication of diabetes increased by 55 percent between 1998 and 2012 in Colorado youth, a CU study shows.

Cholesterol Confusion

Confused about all the conflicting cholesterol reports? You're not alone, a CU researcher says.

Genomic Sequencing Neighbor Moves In

An Indian company that has developed a genetic sequencing test that analyzes cancer tumors and provides potential treatment options has moved its U.S. headquarters next to campus.

Gates Center Opens

The new Gates Biomanufacturing Facility will accelerate scientific discoveries to reach patients quicker.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

A CU professor says Burning Mouth Syndrome is common in postmenopausal women and can have different causes.

Breast Cancer Research Gift

A $1.5 million gift from the Connor Family Foundation will help CU researchers find treatments for young women with breast cancer.

Innovation Award

A team from the Anschutz Medical Campus won the top prize in the Innovations Competition at the Society of Hospital Medicine meeting in Washington, D.C., in late March.

New Model for Neural Connections

Brain activity affects the way the developing brain connects neurons, and a study by CU researchers suggests a new model for understanding that process.

Genetic Link to Leukemia

CU scientists have discovered a gene mutation that increases the risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.