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Anti-Aging Discovery

Treatment to prevent skin from aging may be possible thanks to a discovery that shows how stem cell loss that causes aging occurs.

Age of Diabetes Onset Affects Bone Health

Women diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before age 20 have lower quality bone mass, a CU researcher says.

Pot Edibles Pose More Health Risks

People who consume marijuana edibles are more likely to require emergency department attention for severe symptoms than those who inhale the drug, a CU physician said.

Leukemia Treatment May Be Cure

A drug being studied at CU Cancer Center to treat an aggressive form of leukemia is working so well that it may be a cure.

Scholarship to Encourage Rural Doctors

A scholarship program being considered in the state legislature will support CU School of Medicine students who want to practice in rural areas.

Limit Animal Products for Good Health

A new study that shows eggs can cause heart disease supports evidence that animal products should be eaten in moderation, a CU doctor says.

Weekend Sleep Binges Are Unhealthy

People who try to catch up on sleep over the weekend tend to snack more, gain weight and could be more likely to develop diabetes, CU researchers say.

Peanut Allergy Patch

Patches that deliver small doses of peanut to allergic kids were not as effective at reducing reactions as delivering small doses of peanut by mouth, a Children's Hospital Colorado doctor says.

Gluten Not a Culprit in Diabetes Onset

Gluten is safe for young children to eat, even if they are at high risk of type 1 diabetes, a CU researcher says.

Cannabis for Childhood Disorders

Parents are trying cannabis to ease their children's ailments when conventional drugs fail. Researchers weigh in on evidence for using the drug to treat seizures, autism, ADHD and pain.

Debt Follows Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Young adult cancer survivors struggle with money and work issues following treatment, a CU study shows.

Hundreds of Thousands Saved by Mammograms

A CU study shows that as many as 600,000 lives were saved through mammogram screenings and advances in breast cancer treatment.

Sleep and Insulin Levels Linked in Kids

Kids who are short on sleep may stand a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes and other health problems, a Children's Hospital Colorado study shows.

Autistic Kids Struggle with Sleep

Young children with autism have far more sleep problems than other kids, a CU researcher says.

Colorado at Top of Skin Cancer Rates

Colorado's overall cancer rate is among the lowest, but it has the highest per-capita rate of skin cancer.