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Cannabis Vs. Opioid Studay

​A CU study will compare the pain relief efficacy of vaporized cannabis and an opioid painkiller for patients with chronic back and neck pain.

New Spina Bifida Fetal Repair Options

CU researchers have discovered a less invasive alternative to repairing spina bifida in utero using a new bioengineered gel to cover defects.

Super-Charged Drugs

CU researchers say adding light activated particles to antibiotics might save the lives of patients infected with drug-resistent bacteria.

Children's Pioneers Child Cancer Treatment

Children's Hospital Colorado is one of a handful of hospitals to use a new immunotherapy treatment for a common form of cancer.

Egg Supply Not Fertility Related

A low supply of ovarian eggs is not an indication that a woman will have fertility problems, doctors say.

Climate Change Impacts Disease

Climate change spurs outbreaks of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue fever and Zika, CU researchers say.

Poet's Brain Donated to CU Research

The family of an internationally known poet with Down syndrome has donated her brain to CU to help research linking Down syndrome to Alzheimer's disease.

Marijuana Extract As Medicine

​A CU pediatrician welcomes the arrival of pharmaceutical-grade hemp-derived extracts to help children with epilepsy.

Bioengineering Infant Heart Patches

Using cells from a baby's own heart, CU researchers are creating patches to repair fatal heart defects that will grow along with the baby.

Bridges to Care Program Works

CU researchers have found that a community-based program aimed at high users of hospital emergency departments reduced ED visits and hospital admissions.

Brain Study Grant

CU researchers have won a $2 million grant allowing them to refine a unique microscope they have developed while expanding its use to other scientists across the country.

Immune System Key in HIV Fight

CU scientists say a process that protects the body from autoimmune disease appears to prevent it from creating antibodies that can neutralize the HIV-1 virus, a finding that could possibly help lead to a vaccine.

Diet, Sleep, Exercise Affect Kids

Lack of sleep, exercise and healthy food can cause mental and physical health problems in children, doctors say.

Psoriasis Strikes in Winter

Psoriasis tends to worsen in winter months partly because of less sun exposure, a CU researcher says.

Plan B Pill Often Unavailable

CU researchers traveled Colorado to check the availability of the "morning after pill" and found many pharmacies required IDs or kept it locked in the pharmacy. Others did not stock the drug.