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Vitamin D Linked to Diseases

Vitamin D deficits are linked to many diseases including cancer and diabetes, a CU researcher says. Unfortunately most Americans have low D levels.

Zika Research on Children

CU researchers will join a team of investigators examining the clinical outcomes of children in Guatemala infected with the Zika virus after being born, focusing on long-term brain development.

AI for ER

A virtual lab using big data, artificial intelligence and best practices will revolutionize patient care at University of Colorado Health.

Diabetes, Celiac Discoveries

CU researchers are finding that one in 30 children in an autoimmune screening program are testing positive for early type 1 diabetes and/or celiac disease.

Seniors Are Safe Drivers

Seniors are some of the safest drivers on the road, but a CU researcher says they don't get credit for it.

The Celiac Surge

A CU researcher documented a sudden increase in celiac disease nationally. Since then scientists have been trying to home in on the cause.

Alzheimer's Links to Other Diseases

The clue to curing Alzheimer's disease may be found in patients with Down Syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.

Questioning Statins for Elderly

A new study questions the use of statins in some cases, but a CU physician says that while the study raises good questions, it is incomplete.

Social Factors Affect Readmissions

A CU researcher says measures to evaluate readmission rates at children’s hospitals would be more accurate if patients' social factors like race and insurance status are included.

Clearer Guidelines Needed for PAD Sufferers

Health workers are failing to advise patients with peripheral artery disease about diet, exercise and medication that could prevent infections, sores, strokes and heart attacks.

One-Shot Vaccination for Babies

​A "one and done" vaccination shot under development would eliminate multiple booster shots and provide instant immunity, doctors say.

Massive Study Delves into Autism Causes

​Anschutz Medical Campus researchers are looking for 50,000 people diagnosed with autism and their families to better understand genetics of the condition.

Push for Autoimmunity Screenings

CU researchers will screen thousands of Denver area kids for diabetes and celiac disease to make the case for screenings to avoid serious and expensive crises.

Lactate Buildup Link to Cancer

​Lactate, long associated with aches and pains in athletes, is a necessary ingredient in cancer development and may explain why people who exercise have lower rates of the disease.

Nut Allergies Vary

Most people with nut allergies are able to eat some types of nuts; skin and blood tests designed to predict allergens are often inaccurate.