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Heatwaves Causing Fatal Illnesses

This summer's heatwaves have caused massive destruction, and a CU professor says they also may be causing fatal illnesses for people who work in the heat.

Heavy Smoker Cancer Treatment

CU Cancer Center researchers are studying a new treatment to treat patients with a history of heavy smoking.

Lower Age for Oncology Research

A CU doctor says older teenagers should be allowed to participate in adult cancer trials because physiologically they are similar to adults.

Ageism in HIV Treatment

A CU researcher is looking into methods to help older patients diagnosed with HIV who often suffer unique health concerns partly because of a delay in diagnosis.

How Dangerous Is Wildfire Smoke?

Researchers are studying the dangers of wildfire smoke, and a CU doctor says the effects could vary depending on what is burning.

Kenneth Tyler Article in New England Journal of Medicine

Kenneth Tyler, MD, the Louise Baum Endowed Chair in Neurology at CU School of Medicine, is author of a review article about acute viral encephalitis in the current issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

Target for Obesity and Diabetes Treatment

A newly published study by researchers from CU School of Medicine has identified a potential therapeutic target for treating obesity and diabetes.

Best Foods for Your Heart

Thumbs up to fruits, vegetables, beans, fiber-rich grains, coffee and tea. Thumbs down to energy drinks and sugar.

Big Study on Altitude's Effect on Humans

CU researchers took part in a comprehensive international study on how the human body adapts to high altitude.

Testosterone Study for Broken Hips

CU will participate in a study to determine whether testosterone gel combined with exercise will help women recover from a hip fracture.

Long Hours Linked to Diabetes Risk

Women who work more than 40 hours a week have a greater chance of developing diabetes, researchers say.

$8 Million Palliative-Care-Grant

CU has received a grant to research ways to improve palliative and end-of-life care.

Bone Density Study

CU researchers are looking for participants for a four-year study examining the effect of DHEA and exercise on bone and muscle health.

Walk and Think Concussion Test

A CU researcher says asking athletes to spell a word backward while walking could help determine whether they have a concussion.

Coal Dust Monitoring for Miners' Health

Black lung disease continues to plague coal mine workers, and a CU doctor says more research will help better determine risk factors.