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Physician Refutes Pot Claims

A CU addiction specialist attacks current theories that marijuana is safe, especially for adolescents.

3 Things to Know about Ebola

A CU physician and researcher explains the three most important things to know about the ebola virus.

RA Protein for Alzheimer's

CU researchers say that a protein found in rheumatoid arthritis patients may reverse Alzheimer's disease.

Concussions Serious Regardless of Site

Concussions are equally serious no matter what part of the head the injury occurs, a new study shows.

Flu Dangerous for One-Third of Kids

One in three children who come to emergency rooms with the flu develop severe complications.

Inmate Smoking Deaths Drop

Smoking-related deaths among U.S. inmates dropped 10 percent since smoking bans were adopted.

A Little Poison is Healthy

Foods like broccoli are healthy because they stress your body and cause it to produce antioxidants, says a CU endocrinologist.

Menopausal Hormone Therapy Theory Debunked

A new CU study says that menopausal hormone therapy does not reduce heart disease for women in early stages of menopause.

Hairstyle as Exercise Barrier

Many African American women say that their keeping their hairstyle neat and clean is a factor in deciding whether to exercise.

MDs Should Embrace YouTube

Doctors and other health advocates need to embrace social media to spread medical information to the public, a CU cancer researcher says.

Nurse Visits Help Babies

Low-income mothers and their first-born children who received home visits from nurses are less likely to die from preventable causes, CU research shows.

Screening Children for Celiac Disease

Researchers say that screening of genetically susceptible infants can lead to the diagnosis of celiac disease at a very early age.

Road Tests for Older Drivers

Testing and rehabilitation for older drivers is available, but many physicians don't know about it, and insurance companies often don't pay, CU researchers say.

Alcohol Killing Coloradans

Alcohol is a factor in the death of one out of seven Coloradans - a statistic that sounds high but doesn't surprise CU addiction specialists.

Boom in Type 1 Diabetes Cases

Environmental causes are the reason type 1 diabetes cases are doubling every 20 years, a CU researcher says.