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Maternal Inflammation Linked to Autism

Pregnant women suffering from severe inflammation are much more likely to give birth to children with autism, and a CU researcher says a new study reveals why that might happen.

'Revolution in Orthopedics'

Patients with osteoarthritis are finding relief in stem cell therapy, says a CU researcher.

Moderate Excercise Spurs Weight Loss

Hard workouts don't equate to more weight loss because your body adapts to a higher activity level, a CU researcher says.

Alzheimer's Urgency

CU researchers say the call for a cure for Alzheimer's disease is gaining force as baby boomers age.

Harvest Stem Cells From Baby Teeth

Stem cells in baby teeth may someday be able to cure diabetes, a CU physician says.

Research Into Aggressive Colorectal Cancer

CU researchers want to know why colorectal cancer in young people is so much more aggressive than in the older population.

Cancer Chief Weighs In On 'Moonshot'

President Obama's State of the Union announcement to cure cancer is welcome news at CU Cancer Center, which works with researchers around the country to improve treatment and results for patients.

Growing Field of Neurogastronomy

A bad sense of smell makes food taste worse, but it can also help diagnose Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, and other health issues.

Drugs, Indoor Tanning Link

CU researchers say teens who use indoor tanning devices are more likely to abuse drugs or liquor.

Hospital Readmission Study

Better coordination between hospitals and post-acute care facilities could reduce patient readmission to hospitals and mortality rates, CU researchers say.

Marijuana Eases Migraines

A CU study indicates that marijuana use can reduce the frequency of migraines.

Take It Personally

CU faculty weigh in on personalized medicine and how the burgeoning field affects everyone.

Inflammation Causes Cancers

Inflammation may cause as many as one in five cancers, a CU pathologist says.

Pregnant Women Using Pot

More pregnant and nursing women are admitting to using marijuana, a CU obstetrician says.

Diabetic Women Have More Heart Disease

Women with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease than diabetic men, a CU researcher says.