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Better Outcomes With Bariatric Surgery

Obese teens who had bariatric surgery lost an average of 97 pounds in two years, a Children's Hospital Colorado study shows. Teens with conventional medical treatment gained 13 pounds.

Marijuana-Related ER Visits Rise

Emergency hospital visits in Colorado have spiked for teens with pot-related illnesses, CU research shows.

Irregular Periods Linked to Diabetes

Girls with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have menstrual disorders that can jeopardize their health, a CU researcher says.

Adrenal Support Supplement Warning

Supplements claiming adrenal support to boost energy may contain hormones and steroids that can be dangerous, a CU researcher says.

$46.5 Million NIH Grant

The National Institutes of Health awarded $46.5 million to a CU research partnership designed to speed up development of new treatments to address the greatest health needs of Coloradans.

Opioid Prescriptions Vary at VA

A new study of treatment options for military veterans with chronic pain has determined that care practices at Veterans Health Administration facilities vary widely and could contribute to a veteran’s likelihood of using opioids.

Thicker Waistline at Menopause

Many women accumulate belly fat as they age, and a CU physician says an imbalance between male and female hormones could be the reason.

First Approved Marijuana Drug

Children's Hospital Colorado doctors helped test a marijuana drug that could soon be used to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

Immune Diversity Among the KhoeSan

A new study of the KhoeSan of Southern Africa has improved the understanding of immune diversity among the oldest surviving indigenous population in the world.

Beware Message Boards

Half the advice on message boards for heart implant patients is wrong, unproven or generally unhelpful, a CU researcher says.

Vegetables Lacking in Baby Food

Children don't develop a taste for green vegetables because single-vegetable products aren't available to parents and caregivers to offer their infants and toddlers, a CU study shows.

Mental Health Care for First Responders

First responders told CU researchers they need better access to mental health resources.

Mom Resist Peanut Advice for Infants

A study led by a CU physician shows that most new mothers resist following allergy guidelines that recommend feeding infants peanuts before they're six months old.

Intermittent Fasting Study

CU is conducting the largest study yet to determine whether intermittent fasting works.

Pregnancy's Effect on Aging

Childbearing does not shorten a woman's lifespan, despite some evidence of cellular aging, a CU physician says.