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Carb Confusions

Are some carbohydrates healthier than others? A CU physician says new studies contradict older ones.

Volunteers Improve Patient Moods

Hospitalized geriatric patients visited by trained volunteers experienced improvements in mood, orientation and calmness, a CU study has found.

New Drug Fights Melanoma

A melanoma diagnosis used to be a death sentence, but a recently approved drug has changed that.

Pot's Placebo Effect

Families with sick children are moving to Colorado for marijuana therapy, but a new study casts doubts on its effectiveness.

Fear Prevents Calls for Help

People living in poor neighborhoods are less likely to call 911 or perform CPR and now CU researchers know why.

Asthma Drug Could Cure Concussions

CU researchers say a common asthma drug might be key to mitigating the effects of concussions.

How Red Wine Fights Cancer

If you're going to drink alcohol, make it red wine, CU researchers say.

Childhood Skin Cancer Risks

Blue-eyed, red-haired children who take frequent waterside vacations have a higher risk of developing melanoma later in life, CU researchers have learned.

Marijuana Research Grants Awarded

Anschutz researchers received funding for six marijuana research studies including three to determine the effects of pot on young patients.

A New Type of Eating Disorder

A CU psychiatry fellow has developed a screening instrument to diagnose orthorexia nervosa, a disorder in which patients grow ill by becoming obsessed with healthy food.

Doctors Should Ask about Second-Hand Smoke

Physicians don't ask patients about exposure to second-hand smoke, says a CU doctor. But they need to.

Heart Attack Drug Cures Frostbite

A drug used to treat heart attack, pulmonary embolism and stroke is saving frostbitten fingers and toes.

CSU-UCH Teamwork

University doctors are teaming up with researchers at Colorado State University to improve drugs and treatments for patients.

Mild Stroke Follow-up Treatment Research

UCH doctors are testing a drug to help patients who suffer mild-strokes.

Vitamin D Stops Some Cancers

CU researchers say the sunshine vitamin may stop tumor growth in prostate, gastric and colon cancer.