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School of Medicine Newsroom, The Latest Medical News from the School of Medicine

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School of Medicine Newsroom

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Opioid Use Patient Study

CU and VA researchers surveyed patients to understand barriers to reducing the use of opioids to manage chronic pain.

Denver Health Surgery Director Named

Mitchell Jay Cohen, MD, will join Denver Health Medical as the Director of Surgery and the CU School of Medicine as a professor in the Department of Surgery.

Faculty Named to Gerontological Society

Patricia Heyn, PhD, associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, has been elected a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America.

Funding for Heart Failure Center

A team of CU physicians and scientists have been awarded funding by the American Heart Association to establish a center that will be a part of the a Heart Failure Research Network.

New Polio Strategy

A CU study reveals that a new polio vaccine strategy could offer far more disease protection in unstable areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Talk Therapy Boosts Exercise

A type of talk therapy can help non-exercisers adhere to a workout regimen, a CU study shows.

Tastes Differ by Weight

Food tastes different to people who are anorexic or obese, a CU study shows.

Doctors Don't Die Differently

A CU study disproves the notion that doctors die with fewer medical interventions than the rest of us.

Allergy Coping Tips for Kids

Children with respiratory allergies are more likely to become depressed or anxious. A CU psychologist offers solutions.

Avoid 'Biggest Loser' Weight Regain

A CU physician suggests ways to avoid the "Biggest Loser" weight regain phenomenon.

Food Allergy Patch Builds Resistance

CU researchers are using skin patches to help children with food allergies become desensitized to small amounts of the allergen.

Breast Milk Benefits Documented

Hormones in breast milk may prevent inflammation, obesity and other diseases later in life, CU researchers say.

Colorado Gives Money for Cancer Research

CU Cancer Center will receive $1.7 million annually in tobacco litigation settlement money from the state of Colorado.

New Med School Branch Studied

CU is looking into a medical school branch at CSU, the site of a new UCHealth Medical building for students.

Medical Malpractrice Suits

Should you worry if your doctor has been sued for malpractice? A CU ethicist says it depends.