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The Latest Research, Community and Medical News


High Flu Case Hospitalization Rate

More people are being hospitalized with the flu this year than this time in the last five years.

AIDS Center Marks 25 Years

CU's AIDS Clinical Trials Unit celebrates 25 years of revolutionizing treatment for patients.

Exercise Delays Parkinson's Symptoms

Patients who exercise vigorously can delay Parkinson's disease symptoms, a research study shows.

Record Set at Down Syndrome Event

The 9th Annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself fashion show raised a record $2.6 million for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Parents Bully Overweight Kids

Children who are bullied about their weight by a parent or other family member are more likely to become obese than children who are bullied by peers, says a CU pediatrician.

Hairdressers Fight Skin Cancer

Educating hairdressers in melanoma detection could save lives of clients with hard-to-spot skin cancer, a study by CU researchers says.

The Truth About Facials

How much good do facials do? Very little in some cases, a CU dermatologist says, but it can depend on the methods used.

End of Life Conversations

Physicians rarely discuss end-of-life care with patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, but a CU physician says those conversations can help patients feel more in control.

African Skin Pigment Understudied

Researchers examining understudied populations in Africa have found that skin pigmentation is far more varied and complex than previously understood. And that complexity increases nearer the equator.

IUD Program For Teens Works

A CU study shows that a Colorado program supplying free IUDs to teenagers has resulted in a steep drop in teen pregnancies and abortions.

Cardiac Monitor App

CU physicians are pioneering an app that allows cardiologists to monitor a patient's heart rhythm through a smartphone.

Obese Kids Become Obese Adults

A CU physician calls a prediction that more than half of the nation's kids will be obese by age 35 "pretty scary."

Hospital Care Extends to Montana

A care alliance is extending Children's Hospital Colorado care to patients in Montana.

Medical Impact of Climate Change

A CU physician has co-authored a book revealing the health impacts of global warming.

Health Campaign for Men

UCHealth has launched a MANtenance campaign to encourage men to take care of their mental and physical health.