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School of Medicine Newsroom

The Latest Research, Community and Medical News Updates


The September Asthma Epidemic

More students are admitted to the hospital for asthma attacks in September than in any other month, a Children's Hospital Colorado physician says.

Healthy Cooking Program in Aurora

The Anschutz Cooking Matters program teaches neighbors in Aurora how to cook healthy meals for not much money.

Severely Obese Teens Need Intense Treatment

Severely obese teens need intensive therapy that goes beyond lifestyle and diet changes, a CU researcher says.

Teens Need Long-Term Birth Control

The Colorado teen birth rate has dropped dramatically, and a CU physician says long-term reversible birth control is a big reason.

Mom's Stress Can Hurt Baby

Poor women give birth to babies with high levels of stress hormones that could mean more serious diseases when the child is older.

Newborns Exposed to Marijuana

CU doctors say more newborns have been exposed to marijuana both in the womb and through breastfeeding.

Q-A with Dean Krugman

Richard Krugman, MD, reminisces about the bumpy road to the deanship and his accomplishments during his 24 years leading the School of Medicine.

Heads Up Football Works

A campaign to encourage athletes to keep their heads up while playing football helps prevent neck and spinal cord injuries, a CU doctor says.

3 Things to Know about Ebola

A CU physician and researcher explains the three most important things to know about the ebola virus.

Anschutz's Economic Impact

The Anschutz Medical Campus and downtown Denver campus brought $3.3 billion to the local economy in one year.

He Galloped Through Life

Friends and family of E. Chester (Chip) Ridgway, MD, MACP, gathered Friday to pay tribute to a man whose work is recognized around the world.

Concussions Serious Regardless of Site

Concussions are equally serious no matter what part of the head the injury occurs, a new study shows.

Remembering Chip Ridgway, MD

Friends and colleagues remember Chip Ridgway, MD, as an unselfish leader and mentor.

Physician Refutes Pot Claims

A CU addiction specialist attacks current theories that marijuana is safe, especially for adolescents.

RA Protein for Alzheimer's

CU researchers say that a protein found in rheumatoid arthritis patients may reverse Alzheimer's disease.