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School of Medicine Newsroom

The Latest Research, Community and Medical News


Gout Prevention and Treatment

New drugs and good prevention can help gout sufferers, a CU doctor says.

PhRMA Foundation Award

The University of Colorado Center for Pharmaceutical Value (PValue) has been established with a Value Assessment Center of Excellence Award from the PhRMA Foundation.

Infections in Pediatric Transplant Patients

Children who receive solid organ transplants are hospitalized due to vaccine-preventable infections at rates that are significantly higher than the general population, CU researchers say.

Taking Care in the Fourth Trimester

​More doctors are improving care for women in the three months following childbirth to help with physical and emotional well-being, a CU physician says.

Kratom Linked to Opioid Deaths

Overdose deaths have been linked to the herbal drug kratom, but CU researchers say in most cases other opioids were present.

Maureen Garrity, PhD, Dies

Maureen J. Garrity, PhD, former associate dean for the Office of Student Life, died last month.

Little Bits of Movement Help Health

A CU study reveals that even small amounts of movement and exercise and help improve health.

Best Way to Keep Off Weight

Be active every day - or almost every day. Preferably in the morning, a CU researcher says.

UCHealth Provides Millions to Community

UCHealth provided a record $854 million in community benefits in 2018, including $359 million in uncompensated care.

Berg Named New Department Chair

Leslie J. Berg, PhD, who specializes in understanding how T cells develop and help fight infection, has been named Chair of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology effective Feb. 1, 2019.

Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Apps are designed to hook kids into spending more time on their screens, and a Children's Hospital Colorado psychologist says results can be devastating for kids' development.

Pregnant Women Often Refuse Vaccines

A CU study shows that pregnant women often refuse vaccines often because of fears about side effects.

Pain, Pleasure of Sparkling Water

Seltzer water lights up the body's pain receptors, and that "tastes' good, a CU expert says.

Breakthroughs in Menopause Management

New tests and treatments can offer better choices to women going through menopause, a CU doctor says.

Cancer Treatment with Hospice Care

Cancer Center researchers are studying the benefits to VA patients of allowing cancer treatments and hospice care to run simultaneously.