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School of Medicine Newsroom

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Childhood Obesity Prevention Steps

Obesity is easier to prevent than cure, and new guidelines can guide families toward healthy lifestyles.

Tracking Weight Loss Successes

Anschutz Medical Campus helps maintain a registry of 10,000 people who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off so researchers can understand the keys to their success.

Wound Care Study Uses Stem Cells

The School of Medicine is teaming up with a Singapore biomedical company to begin a study using stem cells to treat diabetic wounds.

How to Avoid the Plague

Plague is rare, often misdiagnosed and more likely to be spread by fleas on wildlife than by those on household pets, a CU doctor says.

Compression Wear for Athletes

Athletes are wearing compression garments in the belief that it helps performance by reducing toxins.

Heart Disease, Stroke in Minorities Studied

Four universities will study heart disease and stroke in minority populations; CU will look at blood pressure control and racism among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Surgery Successes at Fetal Center

A risky surgery at the Colorado Fetal Care Center proved helpful for a baby born with spina bifida.

New Grant for Heart Health

A $14.8 million grant to CU will help primary care practices use the latest medical evidence to improve the heart health of hundreds of thousands of people in Colorado and New Mexico.

Academic Affairs Chief Named

Peter Buttrick, MD, professor of medicine and head of the Division of Cardiology, has been named senior associate dean of academic affairs for the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Lightning Strike Training

Lightning strikes are rare, so the staff of UCH prepares for these unpredictable cases through realistics training exercises.

Funds for Reorganizing Research

A Colorado congresswoman helps launch a national effort to find new ways to finance research and make up for lack of funding.

New Cholesterol Guidelines

Robert Eckel, MD, discusses the new cholesterol guidelines and what they mean for health care providers.

Research Lacking in TB Cases

A CU researcher says treatment for drug-resistant TB is toxic and harmful to patients because of lack of good research into a better options.

Obesity Handed Down from Mom to Baby

Many babies born to obese mothers are programmed in utero to become obese, a CU researcher says.

IUDs Safe for New Mothers

A new study shows that IUDs can safely be inserted immediately after childbirth to reduce unintended pregnancies.