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Marijuana Research Approved

CU researchers were awarded six grants to study marijuana including trials comparing marijuana to Oxycodone and another to test its effect on irritable bowel syndrome.

Clinics Add Mental Health Services

Mental health therapy will be offered in Colorado primary care clinics thanks to a $65 million federal grant.

Carb Confusion

Are some carbohydrates healthier than others? A CU physician says new studies contradict older ones.

Colorado's Fitness Level Debate

Colorado is still the thinnest state, but not the fittest. CU's James Hill, PhD, lists what we're doing right and wrong.

Outsmarting Holiday Weight Gain

Gaining weight over the holidays isn't the problem. It's the fact that we never lose those pounds. Dr. Holly Wyatt says it doesn't have to be that way.

70-Year-Old Gift

A $1.5 million gift from a CU professor who died 70 years ago will fund research at the CU Department of Orthopedics.

The Battle of Weight Regain

Maintaining weight loss is a battle most people lose, and the causes need further study, an NIH group led by a CU faculty member says.

Volunteers Improve Patient Moods

Hospitalized geriatric patients visited by trained volunteers experienced improvements in mood, orientation and calmness, a CU study has found.

Hurry Up and Work Out

High-intensity inteval training has made exercise possible for busy people.

New Drug Fights Melanoma

A melanoma diagnosis used to be a death sentence, but a recently approved drug has changed that.

Pot's Placebo Effect

Families with sick children are moving to Colorado for marijuana therapy, but a new study casts doubts on its effectiveness.

Easy Colon Cancer Test

An at-home colon cancer test may improve cancer detection and save lives, says a CU physician.

Depression Haunts Middle-Age Women

Genes and stress cause depression in 1 in 8 middle-age women.

How Red Wine Fights Cancer

If you're going to drink alcohol, make it red wine, CU researchers say.

Asthma Drug Could Cure Concussions

CU researchers say a common asthma drug might be key to mitigating the effects of concussions.