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Carbs, Not Fat Help Performance

A CU exercise expert says athletes who shun carbs for fat are hurting their performance.

Care for Hispanics with Type 1 Diabetis

A physician from Mexico is improving diabetes care for 800 Hispanic youngsters and their families at the Barbara Davis Center.

New Food Labels Show Added Sugars

New nutrition labeling will make eating healthy easier with additional categories like added sugar, a CU dietitian says.

Help for Rural Opioid Addicts

CU researchers have been awarded a federal grant to improve the care of rural patients with opioid addictions.

Sat Fat Means Fatter Babies

Pregnant women who eat diets high in carbs and fatty foods give birth to infants with more fat tissue, a CU study shows.

EpiPen Price Spikes

The soaring cost of EpiPens means some patients with severe allergies cannot afford them, and researchers have cut back on their use.

Heart Patients Beware

Everyday items like green tea and ibuprofen can worsen or trigger heart failure, a CU doctor says.

Physical Toll of Tour de France

A CU researcher details the way a cyclist's body copes and deteriorates during the world's hardest endurance race.

Tobacco Tax Increase

A proposal to increase the tobacco tax by $1.75 per pack in Colorado would reduce smoking and help fund needed anti-smoking programs, CU faculty say.

Opioids Prolong Pain

Researchers say short-term use of opioids may increase the duration of chronic pain because a CU study shows the drug lowers the pain threshold in mice.

UCH Opens LGBTQ Clinic

University of Colorado Hospital has opened a clinic serving mental health needs of the LGBTQ community.

Autism Research

The CDC has awarded funding to CU to study why some people develop autism spectrum disorder.

Take Childhood Obesity Seriously

Numerous studies show that childhood obesity leads to severe health problems throughout a patient's life.

Implants Curb Addictions

A CU addiction clinic plans to begin offering an implant that can curb craving and ease withdrawal symptoms from heroin and painkillers.

Alcohol Dangerous for Seniors

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can damage the immune system and internal organs of seniors.