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Plan for End of Life

Develop an end of life plan while you're healthy so there are no doubts about your health care wishes, CU experts say.

Massive Study Delves into Autism Causes

​Anschutz Medical Campus researchers are looking for 50,000 people diagnosed with autism and their families to better understand genetics of the condition.

Push for Autoimmunity Screenings

CU researchers will screen thousands of Denver area kids for diabetes and celiac disease to make the case for screenings to avoid serious and expensive crises.

Bad Sleep Can Indicate MS

MS sufferers have worse sleep problems than most insomniacs, a CU professor says, including extreme fatigue, leg spasms and sleep apnea.

Doubts about Phenotyping

Phenotyping claims to use DNA to predict a person's appearance, but a CU doctor says the technique is untested and can give false hope to families of crime victims.

Allergy Season - Longer, Earlier

Allergy seasons seem to be starting earlier, and pollen counts are climbing, physicians say.

Beans and Rice to Fight Cancer

A daily meal of beans and rice can offer protection from obesity, heart disease and some cancers, say researchers at CU Cancer Center and Colorado State University.

Antidote for Chemical Weapons

A CU physician is conducting research to develop antidotes to chemical weapons like the ones used in Syria.

One-Shot Vaccination for Babies

​A "one and done" vaccination shot under development would eliminate multiple booster shots and provide instant immunity, doctors say.

Link Between Anorexia and Celiac Disease

A CU-led study shows that women with celiac disease are more likely to develop anorexia nervosa as well.

Stick to a Food Schedule

When should you eat and how often? CU doctors say numerous studies don't always back up popular belief.

Rural Docs Battle Opioids

Rural Colorado physicians can be the sole source of treatment for many miles for opioid addicts who are often desperate for help.

How to Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis Onset

No vaccine exists to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, but a CU specialist says healthy lifestyle changes can help boost the immune system and halt onset of the disease.

Proposed NIH Funding Cuts

Proposed NIH funding cuts will devastate research efforts that are saving lives in Colorado and around the country, a CU scientist says.

Impressionist Art Displayed on Campus

Painting and sculpture by several well-known impressionist and modern artists are on display on the Anschutz Medical Campus.