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School of Medicine Newsroom

The Latest Research, Community and Medical News Updates


Squabbling Over New VA Campus

VA and House members disagreed on the VA's ability to run big construction projects like the large VA complex going up next to Anschutz Medical Campus.

How Plane Hitchhiker Survived

The boy who caught a ride in the wheelwell of a Boeing 767 had youth on his side and possibly lucky genetics, a CU altitude specialist says.

Pioneering Personalized Medicine

CU's new Center for Personalized Medicine and Biomedical Informatics saves lives by tailoring medical treatments to patients' DNA.

Curing Dengue

CU researchers may help scientists develop treatments or vaccines for Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and other disease-causing flaviviruses.

Guatemala Clinic Opens

Banana workers and their families have a new medical facility staffed by CU doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives and students.

Q-A - Alzheimers Disease

Huntington Potter, PhD, answers your questions about Alzheimer's Disease.

Prevent Dry Computer Eyes

You can avoid eye dryness by not staring at your phone or your computer screen.

School Clinic Supports Education

A community clinic staffed partly by Children's Hospital Colorado provides check-ups, dental care and immunizations for Aurora K-8 students.

Students Try CU Pot Program

A pioneering therapy model called Encompass is helping Adams City High School students caught intoxicated or using pot at school.

Solving the Sniffles Mystery

CU researchers are closing in on the cause of a common of ailment – the runny nose.

Musician Can Hear Again

Cochlear implants brings the world of sound back to a drummer after 10 years of deafness.

Zombie Cancer Cells

A cancer cell killed by chemotherapy doesn't necessarily stay dead, CU researchers have learned.

Program to Support Families

Two CU branches will launch a Strong Communities for Children program in Colorado Springs.

Strokes Likely to Follow Shingles

Stroke risk is high following a shingles episode, but patients who take antiviral medication have a reduced risk.

Medical Research Incubator Rises

Bioscience 2 on the Fitzsimons Life Science District will house CU's bioengineering graduate program and startup medical companies.