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Firearm Training For Physicians

CU's groundbreaking training for emergency physicians aims to arm them with information when talking to patients about gun safety.

Developmental Disability Health Education

Medical students around the country, including CU, are learning to treat the needs of patients with intellectual and developmenta disabilities.

Male Doctors Disappearing from OB-GYN

A patient preference for female OB-GYNs is causing male medical students to avoid the specialty. A CU physician says the trend hurts the specialty.

Data Predicts Opioid Use

CU researchers are using hospital data to determine which patients are most likely to continue using opioids after discharge.

Marijuana Studied For Parkinson's

A CU study into the effects of CBD oil on Parkinson's patients shows that it helps relieve some symptoms, a researcher says.

Sussing Out Cause of Acute Flaccid Myelitis

A virus that most commonly causes respiratory symptoms may, in the worst cases, be leading to paralysis in children through infection of the spinal cord, CU researchers say.

Shared Decision Making For Patients and Doctors

As more and more older patients are offered advanced treatments for chronic diseases, including surgeries and implantable devices, new questions have arisen over how these decisions are made.

Improved Care for Heart Patients

Patients with chronic heart failure face related problems, such as depression and fatigue, that could be relieved by an expanded model of care, a CU study shows.

Gun Violence Studies Funding

A CU researcher has received a rare grant to study suicide gun deaths, but some experts say more funding to study gun violence may become available following the latest school shooting in Florida.

Better Hearing Tests for Newborns

A Children's Hospital Colorado audiologist who was born with severe hearing loss is advocating for better newborn screening and follow up care.

Spray Cleaners Damage Lungs

Spray cleaners damage your lungs as much as smoking cigarettes. A CU physician suggests wearing a mask when cleaning.

Diabetes Linked To Episodic Night Shifts

People who inconsistently work at night may experience blood sugar irregularities leading to diabetes.

First Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon

Enrollment into studies testing the world's first non-surgical gastric balloon has begun at University of Colorado Hospital.

Decisions Compromised For Terminal Cancer Patients

Patients with terminal cancer may be less able to make crucial decisions about their care than health providers believe, a CU researcher says.

New Allergy Clinic Opens

Children's Hospital Colorado has opened one of the largest allergy and immunology centers in the country.