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Small Ways to Make Work Healthier

Biking to work is great for your health, but smaller measures like taking stairs and walking five minutes every hour make a big difference too, doctors say.

Oral Diabetes Drug Is Promising

A new oral diabetes drug reduces the need for insulin in type 1 diabetes patients, CU researchers say.

Watch Sodium Levels at High Elevation

Drinking too much water at high altitude can deplete sodium levels and cause confusion and seizures, a CU expert says.

CU Contributes Billions to Economy

CU's four campuses contribute more than $12 billion to the Colorado economy, a business report says.

Tasty, Healthy Lunches for Kids

A few easy and delicious lunch ideas that are healthier than school lunches from one of our nurse practitioners.

The Right Amount of Protein For You

Age, activity, weight and gender influence the amount of protein you need every day, a CU physician says,

Immune System Triggers Cancer

Cancer may be caused by the body's immune system doing its job to fight viruses, CU researcher say.

Yearly Mammograms Work Best

Recommendations for mammogram frequency vary, but a CU researcher says annual exams save the most lives.

One Heart Bypass Surgery Method is Best

Patients whose surgery includes a heart-lung pump lived longer than those whose surgeons didn't use the device, a CU surgeon says.

Creosote Bush Cure

Creosote bush, used in native cultures to cure a wide range of medical issues, may work better than current pharmaceuticals, CU researchers say.

Why Are Obese Women Less Fertile?

A CU study into infertility among obese women shows that diet, not obesity may be the root of the problem.

Diabetes and Heart Disease Are Linked

Diabetics are much more likely to develop heart disease than other patients, a CU physician says.

Common Drugs Safe for Asthma Sufferers

Children with asthma can safely take either ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain or fevers, CU researchers say.

Surgeons Lack Skills for Overseas Aid Work

U.S. surgeons are often too specialized to help with the most common medical problems found in developing countries.

Health Worker Burnout Campaign

"The days of Marcus Welby, M.D., and Norman Rockwell seem like a very long time ago," CU's Marc Moss, MD, told a group of national leaders gathered to combat burnout among doctors and nurses.