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Phosphates Linked to Health Issues

A CU researcher says phosphates in food are causing health issues for some people, particularly those with kidney problems.

Medical School Grad in Space

CU School of Medicine alum Kjell Lindgren has joined the International Space Station after a successful lift-off in Kazakhstan.

Disgusting Photos Block Sweet Cravings

Subliminal photos of disgusting things like cockroaches lowered research subjects' desire for sweets.

7 Things Your Hair Can Tell You

Pay attention to your hair because changes can reveal health issues, says a CU physician.

Whooping Cough Vaccine for Adults

Adults who come in contact with young children should be vaccinated for whooping cough to avoid spreading the sometimes fatal disease, a CU doctor says.

9 Must-Have Foods

Our CU nutritionist Michelle Cardel recommends keeping these nine foods at home for tasty, healthy and interesting snacks and meals.

Safer GI Test for Children

CU physicians say there's a safe and lower-cost way to diagnose and treat problems in the upper gastrointestinal tract of children.

Drug Abuse Affects Women's Brains

Women but not men suffer brain volume loss leading to behavioral issues after long-term stimulant abuse including cocaine and methamphetamine.

IV Therapy Popular for Athletes

Colorado athletes are choosing IV hydration therapy to help recover from or prepare for endurance events. But a CU doctor cautions that oral hydration is safer and as effective.

Hemophilia Researcher Studies Differences

A CU researcher has received a grant to study why some patients with hemophilia respond better to preventive treatment than others.

Time-Release Medical Marijuana

A local company has created an extended-release marijuana pill that works for 12 hours, but a CU physician says users need to be careful.

Tax Repeal Could Help Anschutz

A congressional repeal of the medical device tax could mean more funding for Anschutz Medical Campus researchers.

Girl's Research Published in Journal

When 12-year-old Gaby Zane learned that children can't bring a stuffed animal with them into surgery because of fears of infection, she divised an experiment to change that.

West Nile Virus Season

Eighty percent of people exposed to West Nile are asymptomatic, says a CU physician who is trying to find a way to prevent brain injury in those it affects.

Do Concussion Headbands Work

Concussion headbands are popular among soccer players, but do they do more harm than good?