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School of Medicine Newsroom

The Latest Research, Community and Medical News Updates


Sepsis Education Campaign Launches

Sepsis sickens and kills thousands every year, but many people don't know the symptoms.

Worries, Hopes about Donor Organ Reorg

A national proposal to change how donated livers are distributed will alter how many Colorado patients receive organs.

Blocking Cancer Growth

CU Cancer Center researchers have blocked the activity of a protein that drives cancer growth.

Some CPR Videos Inaccurate

A CU physician cautions viewers to be selective with CPR videos because few show up-to-date instructions on the procedure.

Antibiotics Linked to Obesity

The antibiotics used to fatten farm animals may be the reason so many children are obese, a CU researcher says.

Big Plans for Fitzsimons

Restaurants, retail, a hotel and student housing could join the biotech and high tech companies planned for Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority north of campus.

Join Us at the Block Party

Join us for fun, facts and food at the Anschutz Medical Campus 2nd Annual Block Party. Food, booths, prizes and games!

New Drugs Curing Hep C

A Colorado woman is free of hepatitis C thanks to a CU clinical trial.

Putting the Brakes on High Fat Diets

Don't jump to a high protein and fat diet based on one new study, says the head of CU's Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. Other studies show different outcomes.

Anschutz Campus Keeping Its Promises

Seven years since CU took over the old Fitzsimons Army post, the university and partner hospitals are living up to expectations through patient care and research.

Closing in on Parkinson's Causes

School of Medicine researchers are closing in on cures and causes of Parkinson's disease, which appears to be linked to a common pesticide.

The September Asthma Epidemic

More students are admitted to the hospital for asthma attacks in September than in any other month, a Children's Hospital Colorado physician says.

Healthy Cooking Program in Aurora

The Anschutz Cooking Matters program teaches neighbors in Aurora how to cook healthy meals for not much money.

Severely Obese Teens Need Intense Treatment

Severely obese teens need intensive therapy that goes beyond lifestyle and diet changes, a CU researcher says.

Teens Need Long-Term Birth Control

The Colorado teen birth rate has dropped dramatically, and a CU physician says long-term reversible birth control is a big reason.