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School of Medicine Newsroom

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Zika Research on Children

CU researchers will join a team of investigators examining the clinical outcomes of children in Guatemala infected with the Zika virus after being born, focusing on long-term brain development.

Doctors Advising Plant Based Diets

Many doctors and medical groups have begun advising patients to improve their health by avoiding meat-based diets.

Student-Guided Campus Tour

See the Anschutz Medical Campus through the eyes of two medical students as they walk through the classrooms and buildings where students spend most of their first and second years.

Residents to Train in Fort Morgan

CU Department of Family Medicine second- and third-year residents will begin training in Fort Morgan next year.

Teens Fight Mental Illness Stigma

Children's Hospital Colorado has created the Mental Health Youth Action Board to help young people with mental health struggles.

AI for ER

A virtual lab using big data, artificial intelligence and best practices will revolutionize patient care at University of Colorado Health.

Summer Is Dehydration Season

Watch children carefully this summer for signs of dehydration, especially those involved in sports, Children's Hospital Colorado says.

Five Hard to Detect Cancers

Tips on the symptoms of five cancers that can be hard to detect: lung, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma and liver.

Diabetes, Celiac Discoveries

CU researchers are finding that one in 30 children in an autoimmune screening program are testing positive for early type 1 diabetes and/or celiac disease.

The Sun Bus

A CU researcher is working with students to teach kids about skin cancer dangers in Colorado through a mobile classroom called the Sun Bus.

Vet Center To Open in August

The CU Marcus Institute for Brain Health is accepting applications from veterans with brain injuries and post traumatic stress.

The Celiac Surge

A CU researcher documented a sudden increase in celiac disease nationally. Since then scientists have been trying to home in on the cause.

Seniors Are Safe Drivers

Seniors are some of the safest drivers on the road, but a CU researcher says they don't get credit for it.

Alzheimer's Links to Other Diseases

The clue to curing Alzheimer's disease may be found in patients with Down Syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis.

7 Common Summer Injuries

The number of injuries and illnesses from food, sports, sun and heat increases in the summer as people spend more time outdoors.