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Marijuana Research Grants Awarded

Anschutz researchers received funding for six marijuana research studies including three to determine the effects of pot on young patients.

Childhood Skin Cancer Risks

Blue-eyed, red-haired children who take frequent waterside vacations have a higher risk of developing melanoma later in life, CU researchers have learned.

Surprise News on Coronary Disease

Patients with nonobstructive coronary disease are often sent home without treatment. But CU researchers say effects of ignoring the disease can be devastating.

Remembering Childhood

Parents get 940 Saturdays with their child between birth and adulthood. CU Pediatrician Harley Rotbart, MD, has found a way to help track them.

Lung Cancer Screens Save Lives

A CU physician says a proposal to provide annual low-dose CT scans Medicare patients likely to develop lung cancer will save lives.

Keep It or Toss It

They may pass the sniff test, but are they still good to eat? A CU nutritionist weighs in how long to hang on to 10 common foods found in most refrigerators.

Heart Attack Drug Cures Frostbite

A drug used to treat heart attack, pulmonary embolism and stroke is saving frostbitten fingers and toes.

CSU-UCH Teamwork

University doctors are teaming up with researchers at Colorado State University to improve drugs and treatments for patients.

Doctors Should Ask about Second-Hand Smoke

Physicians don't ask patients about exposure to second-hand smoke, says a CU doctor. But they need to.

A New Type of Eating Disorder

A CU psychiatry fellow has developed a screening instrument to diagnose orthorexia nervosa, a disorder in which patients grow ill by becoming obsessed with healthy food.

Drug Blocks Overdoses

CU's CeDAR drug treatment program is distributing an inexpensive drug that stops overdoses from becoming fatal.

Anschutz Enrollment Soaring

More than 7,500 graduate students are enrolled in health programs at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

UCH Trains for Ebola

University of Colorado Hospital has a new isolation unit and is training staff to help patients with Ebola.

Cancer Survivorship Clinic

A University of Colorado Health survivorship clinic in Fort Collins helps cancer patients plan their life after treatment.

Eczema Treatment Side Effects

Patients suffering from eczema can develop a painful topical steroid addiction, but a CU physician says it's a rare side effect and that medicines do far more good than harm.