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Health Worker Burnout Campaign

"The days of Marcus Welty, M.D., and Norman Rockwell seem like a very long time ago," CU's Marc Moss, MD, told a group of national leaders gathered to combat burnout among doctors and nurses.

10 Signs of Dehydration

A CU doctor lists 10 easy ways to know if you're dehydrated.

Help Kids Eat Right

One in five American children are obese. Follow these tips from a CU doctor to help your kids stay healthy.

The Last Incurable Childhood Cancer

CU students and faculty are trying to find a treatment for an aggressive brain stem tumor that is considered to be the last incurable pediatric cancer.

Standing vs. Sitting

Standing has some small benefits over sitting, a CU postdoctoral fellow tells the New York Times, but not enough to make a long subway ride healthy.

More In U.S. Work Through Cancer

Americans commonly continue working after a cancer diagnosis partly because they need health insurance but also because of improvements in cancer care.

Delaying Surgery for Intersex Children

Advocates trying to discourage early anatomical surgery for children born with atypical sex organs and genitalia applaud the SOAR Clinic at Children's Hospital Colorado, which endorses individualized treatment.

CU Medicine - New Sign Same Great Practice Plan

The practice plan that offers business operations and administrative support to nearly 3,000 University of Colorado School of Medicine clinical healthcare providers changed the sign on its building last week.

Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

Researchers at CU Barbara Davis Center hope that someday Type 1 diabetes can be prevented or controlled with stem cell injections.

Patients Hurt by Bad Communications

Communication breakdowns between home health care teams and physicians hurt a vulnerable patient population, a CU researcher says.

Gender Differences Found in Exercise Effect

Male rats lose weight when they exercise. Female rats don't. The difference underscores why research needs to include both genders, a CU researcher says.

Success with Alzheimer's Drug

CU researchers say the drug Leukine improved cognition in people afflicted with Alzheimer's disease in safety trials.

Video Series - Black Men and Women in White Coats

CU School of Medicine, in partnership with PreMed StAR, has produced three videos that present the perspective of three African-American members of our academic community.

Pandemic Preparation

The health care community is constantly preparing for pandemics because a virulent virus would affect all aspects of our society, a CU infection prevention specialist says.

Lack of Sleep Is Harder on Women

Women who don't get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes.