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Distinguished Achievement Award

School of Medicine

This award is given to those members (current or past) of the association who are MD graduates of the University of Colorado School of Medicine and who have made outstanding achievements benefiting their communities, the practice of medicine, the provision of health care, our association and/or the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

​2018 ​​
George Lopez, MD
Class of '73​
William S. Buchanan, MD
​Class of '59​

John E. Elliff, MD
Class of '56​
Randall Prust, MD
Class of '82

Christopher Goss, MD
Class of '92
Robert Grover, MD
Class of '55​​

​Bruce A. Mallin, MD
Class of '64
Jeremy Lazarus, MD,
Class of '72

Gerald Rainer, MD, MS
Class of '58

John DeLauro, MD
Class of '62
2010 Watson Bowes, MD, Class of '59
2009 Daniel Besessen, MD, Class of '82
2008 Tom Stavros, MD, Class of '72
2007 Harold Joseph Wanebo, MD, Class of '61
2006 Roger S. Wotkyns, MD, Class of '55