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Student Voices

Every edition of CU Medicine Today hosts editorials written by students concerning matters affecting their studies or their future medical careers. 



Anand Reddi

Student Glimpses Her Future in a Dying Patient's Life

Visiting a patient at his home gives third-year student Melissa DeLoughry a chance to think about the powerful moments doctors share with those in their care. 

Anand Reddi

U.S. Global Health Policy: HIV/AIDS at a Crossroads

Anand Reddi questions federal spending on AIDS prevention including life-saving antiretroviral treatment.

Helenka Rowe

Downfalls of a Sterile Society

Helenka Rowe questions our obsession with cleanliness, pointing out studies that show better health in people exposed to germs.

Courtenay Holscher

Binge Drinking: A Friday Night Epidemic

During a stint working in an emergency room, Courtenay Holscher noticed a disturbing trend.

Mark del Rosario

Too Fat for School?
A university's attempt to require overweight and obese students to take a fitness class created problems at graduation. But Mark del Rosario asks, was the effort a mistake?  

Who We Are

Vaccinating Boys for STDs?

Elizabeth Greenwell, Sc.D., advocates vaccinating boys as well as girls in the war on human papillomavirus (HPV).

Denver, Colorado

Planning Can Prevent Suffering

Jess Bartley, MD, teaches us the importance of an advance directive through his experience with a patient who could not speak for himself.