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Thomas Jansson, MD, PhD, and Theresa Powell, PhD, (right) at work in their laboratory on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Photos by Trevr Merchant.




Building Better Babies

More than 60 CU investigators have joined together to study ways to improve lifelong health by addressing the health conditions in pregnancy that impact the developing fetus in the womb.  




Better Diet Choices for Pregnant Women 

Researchers are challenging the conventional wisdom of a frequently recommended low-carbohydrate diet for pregnant women with gestational diabetes.  



The Impact of Extra Choline on Mental Illness

Can a nutritional supplement impact the development of children and protect them from schizophrenia?  




New Mom Tackles Lethal Illness

The young mother lay in the Intensive Care Unit, color draining from her body. Her organs were failing. A team of pulmonary and heart specialists raced to save her life after a helicopter brought her to UCHealth’s University of Colorado Hospital.



Urban Underserved Track​​

Medical students focus on the needs of the homeless, LGBTQ, maternal-child, refugees, immigrants, prisoners, substance abuse, mental health/illness, racism and social justice. 




Telehealth Improves Access for Rural Patients

A virtual clinic can save patients hundreds of hours of driving time and countless moments of worry. 




'A Scholarship Is an Investment'

The Presidential Scholarship Initiative transforms the lives of students at the School of Medicine and offers benefactors a way to make a long-lasting gift.  




Rhythm and Grace​​

Colorado Ballet and the Parkinson Association of the Rockies with support from the CU Physical Therapy Program elp people with Parkinson’s disease strengthen their bodies, improve their balance and steady their gait 




Student Voice - Mental Illness​

Three medical students placed nearly 2,000 calls to mental health professionals in Denver to learn what obstacles patients face when searching for help. 




In the N​ews

Media from around the country turn to the CU School of Medicine for expertise.