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The Utah landscape offers a barren, dry, rocky, and red site for the Martian Medical Analogue and Research Simulation͟ course.




Med Student and Nobel Winner Fight Cancer​

Researchers collaborated on a study that improves the understanding of how a cluster of proteins called PRC2 function.  




CellSight Team Cures Blinding Ailments ​

A new CU research team launched an ocular stem cell research program in the CU School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology.   



Faculty Matters: Treating a Patient with a DNR Tattoo​

The patient arrives in the emergency room unconscious and in dire straits, and he has DO NOT RESUSCITATE tattooed across his chest. What should health care providers do?  



Preparing for a Mission to Mars

Scientists and physicians teach a Mars simulation class in the Utah desert to instruct how to handle medical emergencies in a very austere environment.



Record Gift to Campus​

A record $120 million gift from the Anschutz Foundation will elevate the University of Colorado's stature as one of the country's top medical destinations.  




Student Voice: When the Liver and Kidney Give Out​

A student learns an important bedside lesson. "I made you feel like things could get better. They couldn't." 




Young Hands in Science​​

Volunteers sponsored by the CU Postdoctoral Association teach Aurora students a love of STEM fields through fun exercises like crime-solving.  




SPARK Boosts Translational Research​

CU Innovations, the technology transfer office of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, has launched an initiative to help researchers move from the early stages of discovery and development to having a tangible product to market.