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Students learn wilderness medical skills on a continuing medical education trip.




Wilderness Medicine

CU doctors are teachings fellow practitioners how to care for patients in extreme environments far from hospitals and conventional treatment.


Q&A - Reducing the Risk of Opioid Overdose

Drug overdoses now exceed motor vehicle accidents as a cause of death in the United States.


Use of Pot by Epilepsy Patients Triggers Calls for Research

People are using marijuana to treat diseases, but there's an alarming lack of research to help guide physicians.


Long-Distance Doctoring

Telemedicine can offer a way for rural patients to connect with specialists without the inconvenience of time and travel to see a doctor in person. 


Branching Out in Colorado Springs

A new School of Medicine branch south of Denver will increase class size and train more students.


Shifting into 5th Gear 

A program to educate kids about diet and exercise and reward them for progress cranked into high gear this year to include 7,000 fifth-graders in 70 schools.


Guatemala Clinic Opens for Banana Workers

School of Medicine doctors and students will help run a clinic funded by major fruit producer AgroAmerica.   



Lemon Sorbet and Life Lessons

A third-year students learns how important small things can be to a patient with little time left.